UPDATED Action Plan with Evaluation (3rd April)

As the first action plan was created for the entire thirteen weeks before anything had been decided. I have created a second action plan table, the original action plan will have an additional third column evaluating whether any of this was met, which will also be included in this one. The previous two weeks I have created a separate page and tasked what needs doing, however, from now on, this is how I will log my action plan.

Here is the document:


Here is a copy of the action plan below:


WEEK 6: When I created my first action plan, I was following the old commission brief, therefore, I thought that I would be a couple of weeks into the rehearsal. I had originally thought that because I would have already had some rehearsals, that this week would be focused on going over everything that has been blocked, I had not stated specifically what, as by this point, the pieces had not been casted.

What hasn’t changed though, is the fact that I will try to get some further research done and look through the pieces I have been given. Now that I have been given my Saint Joan monologue and Shopping and F***ing script, I can look at reading both scripts fully to get an understanding of the piece.

WEEK 7: In my original plan, this week was very brief due to it being the second week of the holidays, I had originally planned to continue research and learn lines. As seen below, this is roughly what I have planned this time as well, however, now that the show has a structure, I can be more specific on what I need to research.

WEEK 8: Due to the structure of the show and the pieces being decided have taken longer than planned, the pieces were only handed out just before the holidays. This was necessary though to get a structure that made sense with pieces that fit into the cabaret and Saints and Sinner theme. The most important part of this week originally was to have a meeting with people in my group to discuss progress and when we can rehearse. However, in my original action plan, the work in progress was week 5, but as seen below, this has changed.

WEEK 9: For this week originally, I had talked about starting to get a costume sorted, which I still want to be able to focus on for this updated action plan as by this week, I should have had rehearsals where we discuss costume. I had also mentioned getting more rehearsals in this week with my group, which I now know will be with Sian for Shopping and F***ing, which I will still do. As well as that, I had also mentioned marketing and getting that sorted, which I have also put in for this week.

WEEK 10: I have also mentioned this in my previous action plan, but this week will still be disrupted with Bank holiday Monday and the year one show ‘Art and Life’. Therefore, this week will still be similar in the fact that we will be on limited time with the tutors as they will be focusing on the show this week. One thing I didn’t mention was the fact that we should still try to hold a rehearsal despite being with limited space, however, we still need to get our pieces sorted for our own performance, so I have taken that into consideration for this updated plan. When I wrote my original plan, none of the pieces had been decided, now I have found out that we will be singing a group song, so I have considered rehearsal time for that as well as we won’t have to be supervised for that.

WEEK 11: Originally, this plan was about holding meetings with tutors and getting more rehearsal one, again mentioning getting posters put round the college for marketing purposes. This could still happen as I was quite brief about what I had planned to get completed this week originally.

WEEK 12: As mentioned in my original action plan, I had written that the week would be disrupted, as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday would be focused on rehearsing Bonnie and Clyde all week. Therefore, Thursday and Fridays are the days where I could focus more on Saints and Sinners. This is still the case, but I would rather focus on meeting with Sian, Leah and Alex about my two pieces for the show.

WEEK 13: This week is the final performance, which I have logged in my original action plan and have logged similar rehearsal times for this action plan.

‘Saints and Sinners’ Project Action Plan and Timetable


Week No Date Week


Activity Resources Outcomes Achieved?
6/13 03.04.17 For this first week of the Easter break, the focus will be on research and rehearsing whatever I can at home. I currently have the aim of buying Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw, to arrive this week and read through the play. Therefore, I can have an understanding of the monologue and the character, this will need to be done before I can start rehearsing. If I rehearse before I read the play, I could get the characteristics wrong and not perform the monologue overall to its full potential. I can then think about what I want her character to be. As well as that, I would have also liked to have read ‘Shopping and F***ing’ in full to be able to then learn lines for that. I will not set this deadline for this week due to the amount that I have already set myself and am aware that I will need rest this week so I am refreshed for the new term. There is a full production version online of ‘Shopping and F***ing’, which I will also watch this week and take notes of. For this week, the two main resources I will require are my two books, ‘Saint Joan’ and ‘Shopping and F***ing’ which I can read in a quiet room at home in order to concentrate. In order to research further and watch the full production online as mentioned in the previous column, I will also need a computer which has access to the internet. Following my aims for this week, I have brought a copy of Saint Joan, which I have read, along with Shopping and F***ing, so I have been able to meet this task for this week, which was vital in order to really start work for the final performance. I have also watched a version of Shopping and F***ing on YouTube, which was the Vic version in Swindon, I will upload that and my thoughts towards the performance as well as how I can put that into my character. Because I have been able to meet this, I can continue to next week without having to change my plan.
7/13 10.04.17 For the second week of the Easter holidays, I will again focus on research, this will be for other aspects of the production overall, such as cabaret clubs, further research into my initial three ideas and adding to my Saint and Sinners research. I will have to include in this why it fits into the performance and how it will help develop the production overall. As well as that, after reading the two plays, I can now start learning lines for ‘Shopping and F***ing’ and Saint Joan, while also being able to practice Saint Joan, which I can record for evidence. I will also start to think more into Saint Joan’s character, whether she is from the period the play iset in, or for it to fit with the nightclub theme, I can then have ideas for costume to discuss next week with Alex. The work in progress showing has been moved to next Tuesday, which is the first day back as we were given our pieces very late to the original deadline, therefore, I will work to this deadline and get as much as I can completed in order to show to the group. The entire group will be in the final song, ‘Rebel’, therefore, I will have to listen to this and print out the lyrics so I can be prepared to rehearse this over the next few weeks. For this week, I will require a rehearsal space in order to practice Saint Joan and develop my character in ‘Shopping and F***ing’. I will have a room at home which will have a large enough space to practice this. In order to continue research, I will require a computer with internet access and to start rehearsing, the main pieces of material I will need are my two plays and a cut extract of the Saint Joan monologue which I completed in week 5.
8/13 17.04.17 This week is the first week back at college following the Easter Holidays, as Monday is a bank holiday, we will not be in college, meaning we miss a day in the week to rehearse. The following day back is our Work in progress showing where everyone will show the group what they have so far and explain the concept of their pieces. I do not know what time this will be, however, before the presentation, I will aim to have a short meeting with Sian to have a catch up on what we have been able to achieve with ‘Shopping and F***ing’ over the Easter break and if we both have our lines learned, then we could quickly rehearse with any ideas we have had in order to show something. As well as performing that in the work in progress I will also go up individually to explain Saint Joan and my ideas for that, if I have been able to learn any of it, then I will perform that. As we will be back at college, I am going to aim to have a meeting with Alex about Saint Joan and ideas for costume, as I am aware of the importance of communication. For the rest of the week, I can then arrange with Sian any rehearsals during any free time and continue to improve with Saint Joan. Marketing will also be something to focus on, therefore I will aim to start a discussion on the Facebook page about posters, social media events and who will be in charge of that. We don’t want to leave marketing to the last minute as we need to give our audience notice, we can do this this week as the summer brochures will be released for Conservatoire EAST, with tickets being released this week, we can therefore inform them that tickets are now available to buy, displaying the link online. For a short meeting with Sian, we will require a room or a quiet space to discuss what we will be showing during the work in progress. I will also need a space or a room where I can meet with Alex to discuss any ideas I have for costume. We will also need a larger room for the entire group and the tutors to be able to complete the recorded work in progress. We were told initially that we will need our own recording devices for the work in progress, as I only have a phone to record, I will have to ensure that I have enough storage on my phone to record my pieces. I might also bring in my old phone as that will also have plenty of storage and from previous experience, I can’t fully rely on my current phone.

I will also have to evaluate this work in progress and record it for evidence, therefore, I will need a computer with internet access to do this. I can do this either in a computer room in the department or the library.

For any ideas or rehearsals, particularly with Saint Joan, I may ask the tutors if they would be able to help with any questions and to show them what we have after some rehearsals for feedback.

I will have to see when Sian is available for rehearsals for Shopping and F***ing, as I am aware that she is in other pieces and as we are on different pathways, have different timetables.

9/13 24.04.17 For my Saint Joan and Shopping and F***ing piece, I need to start thinking about costume, this is to allow plenty of time to get something and if myself, the tutors and Alex or Leah decide to choose something different, we will have enough time to change. I will be responsible for this as it is my character, therefore, this week, I will start looking around either around college, online, my wardrobe or in charity shops to get some costume ideas based on what I have thought about last week. My character in Shopping and F***ing will be easier to gain as this can be just a girl in the present time in a night club, however, depending on which era I decide to set Saint Joan in, this will require looking further than my wardrobe. I will chose a few different ideas to then decide on and get advice from tutors and Sian. As well that, I will create a rehearsal schedule for Saint Joan and also meet up with Sian at the beginning of the week to continue rehearsing and running over everything we have done, recording anything for evidence.

I am not sure about the music for the Shopping and F***ing piece, I do not know whether the club music will already be sorted and linked together pieces, or whether myself and Sian can choose, therefore, we will have to speak with Leah so we can then get this issue sorted. If we do have to choose music, then we can look through this together and research.

By this time I am hoping there is a team for marketing and we can get posters put out around the college and wherever we can outside of college. If there is a social media event, I will invite whoever I can.

If I have been able to sort out ideas for costumes, I will aim to look around wherever I can, if I see anything that would have to be brought, I will need to think about budget. There is very little budget to this show, therefore, anything that will have to be brought will have to be cheap. If I find something in a charity shop, then I will need money in order to buy this. To have production meetings and rehearse, we will need rooms, we will only need a small, quiet space for meetings, but will have to see if there are any rooms available to rehearse in. We can discuss with other groups which times each room can be available from or even share them if there is one person in two groups, as I know Sian is in another piece with other people. If I am able to find any costumes, then I will keep them at college to keep them safe and also be able to start rehearsing with them. For reflections and additional research, I will need a computer with internet access which I can have in a computer room or the library. In order to continue and decide what needs doing the next week, then I will talk to one of the tutors and arrange a meeting in order to show what I have done with Saint Joan, such as setting, any revised version and hopefully costume ideas.

In terms of marketing and posters, computers and printers will be needed to create and print them off. It will cost money to print them off so we must be aware with our finances for this.

10/13 01.05.17 Monday 1st May is a bank holiday, therefore, we lose a day of rehearsals as the college will be closed. This week is the first year student’s project performance, which will mean that the tutors will be focused on ensuring their pieces are ready for their performance this week, with technical rehearsal also. This therefore means that we will have this week without the tutors, meaning we will have to take charge to ensure everything is prepared. Further rehearsals will take place with Sian for Shopping and F***ing to determine if there is anything else to add and block, if not then run over a few times to ensure we have every single detail, writing everything down and recording it. Although this is at the end of the show, I feel that the whole group should get together in advance in order to go over the song, so we can see how much everyone knows and can then set ourselves a target on when this should be at a performance-ready level. If there are any props that I have decided will be needed for any of my pieces, then I may need some money to get them. However, I will aim to get something from home or to borrow something in order to avoid going into the very little budget we have. I may choose to look online, which will require a computer with internet access, as well as a room where I can gain access to a computer, such as the computer room or the library, this may also be useful for any further research. I will need to have access to larger rooms in order to rehearse both Saint Joan and Shopping and F***ing and because the tutors will be focusing on the year 1 final project performance next week, I will see when they are available to meet and discuss props and to see how our pieces are getting along. This will also require having Sian along with for rehearsals, therefore, we will need to see when we are both available for this as we are on different pathways, and therefore, different timetables.
11/13 08.05.17 This week is the first year student’s project performance, which will mean that the tutors will be focused on ensuring their pieces are ready for their performance this week, with technical rehearsal also. This therefore means that we will have this week without the tutors, meaning we will have to take charge to ensure everything is prepared. Since the first action plan, I have been casted in Bonnie and Clyde, meaning that next week will be focusing all day on that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I am aware that this will lose valuable time for this project, therefore, I want to get most things ready for the end of this week so that by week thirteen, I am completely ready and not putting too much stress on myself to get everything ready for next Thursday and Friday. Therefore, I would like to have everything blocked and rehearsed a couple of times, also being able to fit the two pieces within the context of the overall performance. In order to get this, I feel that the whole group should meet up one afternoon and instead of running everything, talk through each piece in order, where everyone will be for each piece and when each piece begins. Therefore, for the technical rehearsal, we will all know what we are doing during the entire performance and will not be confused and leave it too late.

Hopefully, I would have ideas on costumes for both of my pieces, but props is another thing that I may have to consider. Initially, I spoke with Lynn about Saint Joan and she spoke about possibly having a sword, I will explore this and decide on if I need any props, and what would be suitable for my character. I will do some further research into this in order to really get the character correct.


I am aware that due to the other commission performance that we may be very limited on rooms, therefore, to solve this, I feel that there should be a schedule for groups who are wanting to rehearse at the same time to avoid any clashes. This will mean that we can all have access to rooms to rehearse and have meetings in. It may be possible to share rooms if they are big enough. Hopefully, I will have a costume and props by now, therefore, I will need them for any rehearsals and to get together to see if there is anything we need before Bonnie and Clyde next week. In order to continue uploading and completing work on WordPress, I will go to a computer room or the library in order to get a computer with internet access. Even though the tutors will not be around as much, my cast members will be for Shopping and F***ing and Rebel, so we will still be able to rehearse. The two members from production arts, Leah and Alex will also be available for meetings, therefore, I will have to be aware that we all have different timetables and will try to arrange with everyone when the best time will be to meet with everyone. While meeting with Leah, I will have to also communicate with Sian so we can both meet with her together.
12/13 15.05.17 For all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, my focus will be on photos, technical and dress rehearsals for Bonnie and Clyde, which runs from Wednesday 17th-Saturday 20th. Therefore, I will have limited time for Saints and Sinners so Thursday and Friday will have to purely focus on Saints and Sinners. Sian is also in Bonnie and Clyde, therefore, we will meet on Thursday and discuss if there is anything we need to do, we can talk through the production element, with final talks to Leah about the production element Shopping and F***ing, meanwhile, I will also aim to talk through with Alex any other aspects for Saint Joan. Through Bonnie and Clyde, myself and the rest if the cast will be able to complete last minute marketing for the show by speaking to audience members and handing out posters. As Bonnie and Clyde will be performed in the theatre, the set will be in there for the entire week, therefore, we will not be able to use the theatre for any rehearsals on Thursday or Friday. Instead, I will have to find rooms for meetings and rehearsals with Sian and the rest of the group in other rooms, taking into consideration that other groups will also be rehearsing. For the music, we would have already had meetings with the production team tasked with out certain pieces, hopefully, we will have music sorted so I am hopeful that we can have that for rehearsing so we can be aware of what will be played before the technical rehearsals. This will require either a device or a computer which can connect to a sound system, along with that, we can also have costumes and props ready for the following weeks, rehearsing in them this week to ensure there is nothing else we need for the next week. As we had limited contact with the tutors last week, Thursday and Friday I feel will have to meet with them to see where we are all at with our pieces. I would like to have a meeting with a tutor to go over my pieces before next week to ensure they are suitable to perform next week. This will mean seeing when Sian and the tutors are free.
13/13 22.05.17 This week will be the technical and dress rehearsal, with the final performances taking place on the 24th and 25th May. The technical rehearsal will be important as we can fit all of the pieces together in the theatre, our performance space. By now, I should have had everything given to and briefed to Alex and Leah for my two pieces so when it comes to Saint Joan and Shopping and F***ing, so hopefully, there will be no issues. For these rehearsals, it will be my responsibility to know the running order of the project performance so I know when my piece will be coming up. I will have to ensure that I fully know what I am doing for my pieces and the performance, along with the suitable costumes being lined up. The technical and dress will be able to address any problems that I will have to look at possibly with Sian and Leah or Alex. Following the show, I then have to take the responsibility of writing up my evaluation of the show and the process, with a minimum of 1000 words to be written by the 5th June. This week will mainly take place in the theatre, we will be able to get the set in place, so we have an idea for spacing and where we will be for the performance. We can also have access to the sound systems when it comes to music for our pieces. We will be with the tutors a lot this week, so I will have access to talk to them, except during the tech and dress. For any rehearsals on pieces during the tech and dress, we should be able to have access to rooms to meet in groups, especially Sian. I know that Sian is with other groups, therefore, I will have to see when she is free and not with other groups to go over everything.

For the evaluation, it will require uploading it to WordPress, therefore, I will need access to the computer room and the library to get a computer with internet access.





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