Updated Action Plan W/C 27th March

Monday 27th March: Today is the date of our work in progress showing, however, this was with the anticipation that all of the pieces have been cast and placed in groups. As there have been many ideas and with the structure we have decided on, the placing of everything has taken longer. It is important that time is taken when the show is being structured to ensure that it fits and the show makes sense. Instead, the year group will be meeting up in the morning where Lynn will present to us the show so far, with all of the cast pieces and where most of it fits into the show. Once I have found out which pieces I have been cast in, I can then look to read pieces, read a play if I am cast in one, watch online or listen to anything I need to, whether it is a song or a monologue.

Tuesday: This day is an audition day for the next academic year which I have previously mentioned in my task 1b action plan. Therefore the timetable will collapse for the day, I will be helping out for this audition day so will not have time during the college day to complete any more work. I am aware that task 2 research task is due on Friday, therefore, to make up for lost time, whenever I can, I will continue research in my spare time.

Wednesday: The morning will provide me the opportunity to catch up in research which I was unable to complete during Tuesday. I will aim to write up my research on the seven deadly sins and virtues, before moving onto completing character and show research relating to my piece.

Thursday and Friday: During free sessions, I will aim to complete the research which I have tasked myself and have those words published. The research task is due on Friday 31st March.