Updated Action Plan: W/C 20th March (UPDATED: Evaluation of week 24th March)

Monday 20th March: In order to continue with the Saints and Sinners project, it is my responsibility and the rest of the group’s responsibility to message Lynn with ideas. On Friday, after the presentation, a framework was built up by Lynn based off ideas, particularly Scott’s with the nightclub as well as Beth and Daytona’s idea of the seven deadly sins. The framework fits so that all 18 of us have a role within the piece, 14 are paired up into saints and sinners, with there being 2 waitresses, a bar tender and a bouncer, these four characters also serve as councillors or confessors. I have set myself a deadline that I send an email to Lynn with suggestions on how to fill the roles up based on the ideas by the end of today. I have decided to set up a deadline this early because everyone needs to send an email, if we don’t do it, then the rest of the show and casting can’t be completed, which will leave the project at a halt, affecting the project. The quality of the project could also be affected, there will be less time to start meeting up and rehearsing, especially as we only have two weeks before a two week break away from college.

 Evaluation of the week- Friday 24th March

After looking at what I tasked myself on Monday, I sent the email presenting what my ideas were to Lynn on the Monday morning. Although I was happy with what I had sent, my regret is that I didn’t send it off later as the following year session focused on mind-mapping ideas in greater details with the tutors, therefore, I felt I could have changed my ideas if I had the chance to show them before sending them.

The rest of the week involved structuring the show and marketing, during our group session, while one group discussed the theme of the nightclub, I started creating ideas for a logo and blurb for the Conservatoire EAST brochure. There were also other idea developed which I also really liked as they clearly defined the ‘Saints and Sinners’ aspect, my full thoughts on this are on a separate page and blog post. We were then able to discuss the structure further and decided on a cabaret club with pairs entering the club sat at side tables, some of the pairs showing their story through a piece or characters performing.

Overall, the main part I needed to get done was the email which was crucial in the development of the piece, if other members didn’t send their ideas in, we would have to wait and the announcement of castings would be delayed.