UPDATED Action Plan: 1st May with Evaluation

Action Plan 1st May

Changes from week before:

Week 10: In my previous action plan, I did not put a rehearsal for rebel for this week as I thought we were having one the week before. Therefore, we need to ensure that we have this rehearsal at some point this week. After writing last weeks action plan, the tutors arranged a sharing session for this week, which I have put in the action plan below. This will affect all of our performances as we will have a week less to go over harmonies and parts we need to learn for the final performances, therefore, to avoid this being a problem, we need to sort everything quickly and rehearse again in week 11.


As mentioned in my other action plans, we will miss a day of getting together as a group and rehearsing due to Bank Holiday Monday. However, I am aware as of Monday, the script writers will be aiming to complete the script in order to have a read through tomorrow. However, in order for me to continue working on this day away from college, I will continue to look at Shopping and F***ing and Saint Joan to ensure that for tomorrow, they are completely off book, I will also start learning the words to ‘Rebel’. This is because tomorrow, as mentioned previously, there will be a sharing session where we read through the entire piece and see where everyone is with their individual performances, showing everything. For me, this is important as the tutors will be able to see my progress and I can get feedback on what I need to work on to further improve my performance. I have also mentioned throughout that the year one commission performance is this week, therefore, rooms and tutors will be focused on their project. Rooms will be limited so when we can, we will try to meet up, I would like to go over the final song ‘Rebel’ at some point this week, as we are already in week 10 and we haven’t yet met up, it is important that we do, I haven’t learned all of the words yet, which will be my aim for this week, especially Monday as mentioned. We can then go away, learn parts and harmonies without panicking over the next few weeks. I am aware that rooms will be limited because of the year one show this week, however, for the sharing, we will have to meet up in a larger room so we can all meet together and show our pieces. As dance pieces will be shown, we definitely need a larger room to ensure they do not crash anywhere. We will also require a rehearsal space to rehearse the final song ‘Rebel’, however, we can use whichever room is available as we will only be singing. In order to rehearse the song, I will need the lyrics to the song throughout the week, the song, which I will require a computer or a phone to listen to with internet access. For the actual rehearsal, we will need the piano or the track in order to rehearse to the tune.

As mentioned, staff will not always be available, however, we have arranged to meet on Tuesday for our sharing, so will require members of staff. We had to arrange a specific time as although we are not timetabled for a commission lesson, we all have directed study in the morning, therefore, we could all meet up without timetable conflict. This will be the same for the Rebel rehearsal, we may not need tutors for this rehearsal, but we will need to arrange a time as a cast which suits everyone to ensure everyone can attend.

After the sharing session we had on Tuesday, I was able to be completely off book for my Saint Joan monologue, however, I did have the sheet with me just in case, I can now improve in future by performing the monologue without having the comfort of the sheet in my hand. As for Shopping and F***ing, I had the words with me for comfort, which resulted in me looking at the words to ensure I was correct, second guessing myself even though I got the line right. For future rehearsals, I will now not have the words on me, having someone on book instead to mark paraphrasing. I have made my own feedback and received some from tutors which I have written separately in a journal for 2nd May.

As for the ‘Rebel’ rehearsal, we all finally met up on Friday at 12:30, I know what my part is going to be and where I am in our round section. I will upload the rehearsal footage onto a separate journal. I now need to work on getting the tune and my section sorted, ensuring I fully know the words.

I did not put in my plan last week to look at costume as the technicians I need to communicate about were focused on the year one show. However, as they will be focused on Bonnie and Clyde, I will communicate with them about their and my own ideas for costume. I will arrange a short meeting with Alex with my ideas for Saint Joan and what we can look at for costume ideas. For Shopping and F***ing, I can do this in a rehearsal as it is important that we keep developing our characters. As we should both be off book now, we can work on enhancing our characters, my target is to keep making her more of an airhead, which we discussed on Friday 28th April.

Marketing wise, although we have a schedule, I would still like to re-promote the show in case friends either didn’t see my first post or remind them about the project.

For meetings about Saint Joan, I will not need a large room to do that, I will only need a small room or a small, quiet space. I would like to record this meeting, I can do this with a phone where I can video it or voice record it. For rehearsals though, I would rather have a larger space to move about more and match the size of the theatre, where we will be performing. In order to meet with Alex, Sian and Leah, we will need to arrange a time that suits us all, as I am on a different pathway to them, our timetable will clash and may have lessons when I am free, or the other way round.

After our discussion with Erica about costume for Shopping and F***ing, I am confident that I can get a dress or a skirt and top from home, so budget will not be an issue for that, however, we may need funds for Saint Joan, it will be much clearer after I have had a meeting with Alex though.

I have mentioned this throughout my action plans, but I will be unable to rehearse any Saints and Sinners pieces on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday due to Bonnie and Clyde photos, technical and dress rehearsals. This will really affect my project as with one week to go, I will be missing three days. Therefore, it is important that I have everything sorted costume, blocking and line wise the week before so that we can rehearse the whole show on Thursday and Friday with costumes in college and not needing a script. I would like to have a tutor for this on Thursday and Friday to get their feedback so I know what to work on over those two days and the weekend to ensure the show goes as planned next week. As I feel that it would be a good idea to rehearse the whole show Thursday or Friday, we will need the whole cast and the tutors, therefore, we need to arrange a time to rehearse where everyone is free. I would like to go over my pieces in costume so if there is anything that is missing, I will have the weekend to get what I need, therefore, I will need both of my costumes and character shoes. We will also need a large space to go over everything, because of Bonnie and Clyde, we will not have the theatre to rehearse.  
For the week of the show, we will be having a technical and dress rehearsal on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the technical rehearsal is more for the technical team to know what they are doing. Therefore, we will need to be patient and let them do what they need to do, for this rehearsal, I will need to know where I am throughout the performance, while also being solid on my lines so when it comes to Saint Joan and Shopping and F***ing, I can do my piece and we can carry on without problems. I would like to get feedback on my pieces so before Wednesday night, I know what I need to do. There will be a maths exam that week in the theatre, so the set will be removed for the exam and put back into place for the evening. The two performances will be on Wednesday and Thursday night at 7:30. After that, I will need to focus on my evaluation and reflection which is due mid-day on Monday 5th June, therefore, I have all of half term to write my evaluation, which is 1000 words minimum. As I struggle to concentrate at home, I will come into college one day on either Monday or Tuesday to get it completed. I don’t want to leave it to the end of the holidays as I will panic and not write everything I need to. For the rehearsals in the theatre, everyone will need to be where they need to be, I will go over my piece with Sian before going on stage, but as she is in other pieces, I need to arrange a time, going over my Saint Joan piece in the meantime. For the performance, we will all need to be in the theatre when needed. It will be my responsibility to ensure I have my costumes together and on a rail so I am not worrying about that. Staff members will be in the theatre to watch the rehearsal and make notes. For the evaluation, I will need a recording of the performance, my notes, access to the project on WordPress and WordPress to write my evaluation. I will require a computer with internet access in the library to write my evaluation.

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