Unit 12 UPDATED ACTION PLAN (15th May with End of Week Evaluation)

Action Plan 15th May

‘Saints and Sinners’ Project Action Plan and Timetable


Week No Date Week


Activity Resources Outcomes Achieved?
12/13 15.05.17 *As I was able to complete what I put in last week’s action plan, this action plan will not be too different*

As I have mentioned through all of my action plans, I will not be available to rehearse any Saints and Sinners pieces. This is due to being in technical and dress rehearsals for Bonnie and Clyde. I will therefore be unavailable Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In order to keep on track, although I will be limited on time, I will make sure that I go over everything I need to regarding my pieces. After the stumble run last Friday, I am aware that there are currently changes being made to the current script due to the weak links, therefore, before the dress run on Friday, I would like to have a look at the script so that I can be aware of the new structure and if I have any new lines for Ruby. After my meeting with Alex on Friday, he has said that he will look around college as he feel that there will be a long white dress. If not, then I have found some online, but if I have to get them, then I will not be able to have it for the dress run.

As I was not able to have a Shopping and F***ing rehearsal with Sian last week, I would like to have one on Thursday before the dress run as we did get feedback about our characters and the relationship between the two, we need to still work this out and what our feeling to the situation are. We also need to have this make more sense to the audience about what the piece is about and what my character is selling.

In order to have a Shopping and F***ing rehearsal with Sian, we will need a rehearsal space where we can rehearse to the space we will have in the theatre. We are going to have help from a tutor with this rehearsal to give us feedback, therefore, I will not only need to see when Sian is free, but a tutor as well. In order to complete the dress run, we will need a space the size of our performing space, but as the theatre will have the Bonnie and Clyde set, we will most likely do this in the dance studio.

Costume wise, I will need my Shopping and F***ing costume for the dress run, if I am able to get my Saint Joan costume from college, I will use that as well. However, if I need to get a costume online, then I will need finances in order to solve this issue.

Changes to the script have been made this week, which a new version uploaded on Thursday, I was then able to look at it before Friday’s stumble run, where the main issue for me was looking at staging, particularly for Shopping and F***ing and Rebel. I can now go away and adapt to the staging of the show.

In terms of my aim for the costume, Alex was unable to find anything on what I had researched, however, I had found a white dress which I talked about with Lynn. Her thoughts were that the costume was not right for the character and after looking at it more and going into deeper thought with her character, wasn’t right. This is because in my cut version of the monologue in the script, I have the line “I could drag about in a skirt”, which indicates that she could, but she won’t, as my research stated how she preferred to wear men’s clothes and armour. Therefore, I need to get a costume sorted on Monday before the technical run on Tuesday.

I was able to get a rehearsal with Sian and Erica for Shopping and F***ing, where more detail was added to my character in terms of her explaining the story, her emotions are more varied, but with still the same personality. We were also able to work on Sian’s reactions to Ruby’s story as Lulu which can add more comedy into the piece and make the characteristics clearer.

13/13 22.05.17 As there have not been many changes to week 11, week 12 will be the same, but if there are any changes, I will update my action plan.

Due to the Bonnie and Clyde set being taken down on Monday and the need to change all of the lighting for Saints and Sinners, Monday will be dedicated to going over pieces and ensuring that everything has been cleaned. I will make sure that I am still off book with Saint Joan and if I struggle, I will note down everything I need to work on it. For Shopping and F***ing, I would like to have at least run through with Sian to ensure that we are solid on the scene and talk through any last minute issues which we can sort. Hopefully by Tuesday we should be able to have a technical run which at the moment, would take place in the afternoon, I need to ensure that I have everything I need in college so in case I need it, it will be there. I need to go over the script so I know where my cues are and mark when I will be on stage.

Wednesday will be a dress run so I definitely need to have all of my costume, I need to ensure that I am focused and I know my scenes fully. Going into opening night that evening, I need to have my script marked with any changes that are made Tuesday and Wednesday.

Notes will be given to us from Wednesday night’s show, which I can then take into account and add into my performance on Thursday night. Following that, I will need to write my evaluation, which I am aiming to have completed by Friday 2nd June.


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