Unit 12 Task 4: Show Week (Box Office Data, Rehearsal and Performance Videos, Photos and Feedback)


After having a meeting, we decided to set up a marketing structure, where a few of us each week would promote the show online. I did this straight away and also helped hand out the posters which Leah and Sian printed out:


I then took pictures of the box office data during show week so that we had an idea of the number of audience members for each night. I am aware that some are planning to pay on the door so we have to remember that there will be more than stated below:

Wednesday (71 booked online)


Thursday (69 tickets booked online)



EVALUATION OF TECH AND DRESS: https://hannahkingwsc.wordpress.com/unit-12-task-3c-tuesday-23rd-and-wednesday-24th-may-tech-and-dress?iframe=true&theme_preview=true

Tech Run (23rd May)

Dress Run (24th May)

These two links are also in my Task 3C post where I have marked my pieces.

Saints and Sinners 1st Performance Night:


ACT 1:  Ruby’s entrance (Marked at 2:16)

Saint Joan (Marked at 15 seconds)

ACT 2: Shopping and F***ing (From start of video)

Rebel (From start of video)

Although I was not in these clips, Leah’s character (a news reporter) was able to record some footage of the performance.


Saints and Sinners 2nd Performance Night


ACT 1: Ruby’s entrance (Marked at 4:32)

Saint Joan (Marked at 4:55)

ACT 2: Rebel (Marked at 4:11)

Pictures of Dress Run


Shopping and F***ing:


Saint Joan:


Audience Feedback

Overall, we got very positive feedback, on Wednesday, we received more constructive feedback so we knew where to improve for Thursday.

We received feedback after both nights, Gary Willis, commented that for the opening night, there was an feeling that not everyone was committed to the piece, which I understood as there were some feelings of worry about their performances, which also goes back to my point about worrying about Saint Joan too much on that night. Projection was also an issue, from voice classes, projection is one of the main aspects that we always talked about, if we don’t always project, then audience can’t hear and will start to switch off.  There was an issue that Gary raised which had been mentioned in previous rehearsals, which was that characters were very attracted to the bar, which was at the back, which meant that scenes played out there might not be heard well, due to many people being around there as well as the projection issue. There were some pieces of feedback which did not relate to Ruby, but I can still take on for the future, particularly maintaining the atmosphere and the characters throughout, as the energy drop will be noticeable. I think that this feedback proved to be very effective as people upped the energy on the second night, which I feel I did for Ruby. He stated a list of acts which he enjoyed, Saint Joan was one of them, which gave me confidence going into the second night.

Feedback from Gary Willis on Wednesday:




From the feedback we received from Gary, there was a more positive feeling backstage for the next night. This then gave me the feeling that there was more energy during the performance, although there was a comment about Saint Joan being one of the highlights, I chose to ignore this as I didn’t want to get over confident on the last night. I could therefore, enter the stage with a clear head and give 100% to my characters.

As the theme is Saints and Sinners and much of the work done has been to try and keep the theme throughout, I asked if they felt that the theme was maintained. Members of the audience wrote back that they felt it was maintained throughout. Beth asked if they recognised the club as a purgatory between life and heaven/hell, which they said they did, they also agreed that the club was recognisable as a cabaret club and had the cabaret atmosphere, which Lucy and Leah Smith asked. Lou then asked if it was easy for them to establish the different storylines, which was such a massive part of the show, created by just the pieces, so it was encouraging to hear that they understood the storylines. The final question was about the characters and whether they were defined, which they were according to the audience. Overall, I am happy with this feedback as despite the struggles we had with keeping the theme and distinguishing the acts, the audience were able to understand everything.


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