Unit 12 TASK 3C: Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th May (TECH AND DRESS)

Tuesday 23rd May

Today is the first day in which we have been able to go into the theatre and run the show, the set with the bar has been put up and the lights have been rigged. It is important that we remember that this technical rehearsal is for the tech team, although we will be able to run the show, they need to get all of the lighting and sound cues written in so that they can work effectively for the show. As for any tech, I am aware that it may be a long process and some pieces may be skipped as there won’t be any technical aspects to be added.

As I have found out from the previous run throughs and the revised script, I am not one of the characters always on stage, therefore, I was able to watch most of the tech, going off only to change costumes and when I was about to enter. Unlike the last dress run, I now have all of my costumes, which has been described in a journal from Monday 22nd May. Therefore, I took notes on my thoughts of the pieces during the dress run:

General Notes

A major issue which we have found when running through the show was when we can look at those performing their pieces. However, it appeared that everyone had took on notes and only engaged with pieces when they were an act or when they needed to, which will be much more helpful for audiences so they are given a clearer idea.

Although everyone has learned their lines very well, there were cases in which lines were getting cut off, which happened a few times, therefore, everyone, including myself needs to go over the script to ensure they know not only their lines, but the dialogue around it.

Everyone needs to be much more further forwards, although I understand that people need to go to the bar, the problem with all the action being at the bar at the back, I could not always hear people, such as the waitresses, which is concerning as I missed lines and I know the script. If there is a scene that does need to be at the bar, then they need to really project and always face the audience, which is something that I noted that I had to remember on Fridays dress run. One example of a problem where there were back to audiences was Sian as she was going up to the stage to sing ‘I Want to be Seduced’, I lost her line “I know just the song for this lot”. One example of a section that can be further forward is the first scene between Rose and Ed.

I felt that although this was a a technical run, it was still a chance for everyone to run  through their show on the stage for the first time, despite this, I felt that there was a lack in energy a lot of the time. Everyone needs to make sure that they are fully committed to their characters and the piece, having a positive energy and fully going for it voice and movement wise will ensure that this happens. I am also included in this, especially because I mentioned in my journal from Friday that I need to make sure I am committed, the fact that I am no longer in pain when I walk will help massively.

Other Notes

There have been issues which I have mentioned in previous rehearsals in run throughs which still caused a problem. One of them was facial expressions from the dancers, particularly in Charlie’s Angels, which although they can do if they are really concentrating on the dance, but they need to start putting character into it to practice for tomorrow night. Another example was forgetting notes, which was in the melodrama, where Leah was given the note to be less reluctant when joining in, this is because she is drunk and joking when she says that she is not nearly drunk enough. Although I heard most scenes, apart from the issues at the bar, I was able to hear most people, but there was the odd scene that I still really struggled to hear, such as the Jane Eyre scene as Lou and Harry were so close together.

As for the ‘Welcome to Hell’ sketch, which will be performed by Lou and James instead of Talking to Terrorists was presented very well with a lot of character from both. With a little more practice, I think that their character along with the comedy in the script will be very popular with the audience and get a great reaction.

Notes for Myself

Shopping and F***ing: In act 1, I have decided to change when I exit, changing it from after the ex-confrontation dance to the beginning of the dance in the introduction. I made this change because I will not have to walk over a delicate scene and will have more time to exit. Lulu also does not want me in the club so we have added a line where she tells Ruby she can have one drink then she’s out. I therefore have one drink then Sian rushes me out, which can bring more urgency to the situation. We tried this out and it worked well, with the tutors saying that there would be no issue with this change.

For act 2, we played the scene sitting at the stage, which for me felt too relaxed despite the situation, therefore, for Wednesday, towards the end, I will get up onto the stage as that is the part where these ecstasy drugs are really starting to pick up again. I will make sure that I open up, speak even louder and emphasise parts in order to grab the characters attention on stage. Another thing we need to do is that because this is a duo with us speaking, I need to remember that we need to open out more to invite the audience to watch. This was an important note that I had in Bonnie and Clyde, so I can keep this is mind and stand slightly further apart and open out, then face out at certain times.

Saint Joan: Although for the technical run I had shoes on, this was only because we were warned that the floor might still have sharp objects, so for health and safety reasons, we were advised to have shoes on. But for the shows tomorrow and Thursday, I will wear no shoes for the monologue. Being able to perform Saint Joan on stage for the first time made me give that little extra with the light on my character and being isolated, despite everyone watching. With an audience watching, this will only enhance my character. The introduction has been tweaked, which we agreed to do on Friday, I spoke with Lynn over Facebook about this and agreed on this:


I chose to comment about adding about the act being different because it is true, most of the acts are songs or dances, but this monologue about someone who died in 1431 adds more variety. Because of this we came up with: “And this next act up, ladies and gents is a bit of proper theatre. Not your usual fare. A bit of class. Grown up stuff. This character’s a regular here, isn’t she girls? She’s been turning up here since 1431”.

We were given notes on the tech run afterwards:

Notes after tech 23 May

In conclusion, this tech run made my exits and entrances more clear and I can confidently enter and exit the stage when I need to without causing disruption. Although there were no notes specifically for me, I know that I need to work on positioning, projection, making sure I am facing and including the audience and remembering when to step on stage for Ruby. I have made a crib sheet for my performance which I can go over to know my show:






Wednesday 24th May

Following the tech run yesterday, we were able to continue in the theatre today to do a dress run of the show. Because this will be a full run before the show, the show will not stop unless a tutor says so, this will mean that if anyone messes up a line, then they will have to cover it. My aim is to take on the notes from yesterday to further improve my performance and to get more notes at the end of the dress rehearsal.


Ruby’s first entrance (from the beginning):

Saint Joan (Marked at 10 seconds):

Rebel (Marked at 1:33):

We were able to get notes following the dress run, the main piece I need to look at is the Shopping and F***ing scene with Sian. As I mentioned, it felt too relaxed sat down, so it has been suggested that we do the piece with both of us standing up, which will allow us more freedom of movement. We need to cheat it out even more so we can really involve the audience and not isolate ourselves from everyone, this is from the tutors view, who were watching it from an audience view mentioned that we disappeared and blended into everyone else on stage, which we don’t want, instead we want to separate ourselves and make the audience focus on us. When it comes to the monologue, I will perform it all out to the audience, losing focus on Sian as by this point, Ruby is really out of it and lost in thought. I know that I stand up during my monologue, but I need to make sure that I have stood up by “fuck money”, as this is vital to the piece as Ruby has just given these ecstasy pills away, Lulu is angry that she hasn’t got money and it also gives a chance for the posh boys to react to it, as that would have put them in disbelief. Sian will also be able to react better by getting very embarrassed and trying to drag me down, but I will have time to resist and continue. I will then realise what Sian is trying to do and crash back down, going back to the effects of the drugs and crashing to a low point.

We had a rehearsal afterwards on stage where we practised that, which worked and added more energy to the piece, we also added Ruby entering in pain. Although we have decided that I will have bruises added on with makeup, which Emma has offered to do, limping will also further indicate to the audience that something serious has happened. Because I enter in pain, I need to remember to exit in pain as well, as it could be confusing to the audience, I don’t think it matters during the speech as she has lost herself by this point and is really feeling the effect of the drugs.

We made further changes to Ruby appearance wise, I will now wear converses so that although she made some effort with her appearance for the dress, she shows her status with the shoes. This was a mistake on my behalf as from my research, I should have known that with her status, she would not walk into a club dressed in that posh manner. In order to have my hair out of my face, I will have my hair up, I can then mess it up a bit in act 1, then a lot in act 2 once I have been beaten up. I decided this as she would not have smart hair that would have taken time to get right, she would have quickly done it. I have also experimented with make-up, which I did Tuesday night and added for the opening show:




By adding a lot of black eyeliner and mascara, it will be easier to smudge and will look more effective. I didn’t want to add to much as in the first act, I have to remove all of my makeup and make my hair neat to change to Saint Joan, which I practiced and managed in good time.

This talk and the rehearsal after the dress run added to the horrible character we have created for Ruby, we also decided to have Ruby enter in the first act with a beer can to again add to that, but also showing her low status. For me, this gave me greater confidence for this character as I had struggled with her at the beginning, but I now have a personality and look for Ruby which is completely different to what I have played before. I now need to remember these notes, write them down and add them to my performance tonight and tomorrow.

Unlike yesterday, I did not get to write my thoughts to the rest of the performance, but took notes from the tutors afterwards:





What is encouraging about these notes are that they are very specific which can just enhance the performance even more. There appears to be more energy today which is very encouraging for the first performance tonight. Overall, I now know what I am doing for both Saint Joan and particularly Ruby, which has been much improved since adding to her appearance and amplifying the skanky voice.


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