Unit 12 TASK 3C Reflective Journal: Wednesday 17th May (Meeting)

Although Monday, yesterday and today have been taken up by Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals, this morning the entire year group were called into a meeting by Lynn. The purpose of this meeting was to inform us that Daytona, who is in the melodrama and Talking to Terrorists will not be taking part in the Saints and Sinners show. It is important that we were informed of this by a tutor because we are a company, therefore not only do we need to know of any important changes, but they need to be the truth. The issue with getting information from other people not involved in the situation is that the information we hear is not always reliable, therefore, we have now heard from a tutor that she will now be taking a directorial role.

I am not in any pieces that she was in beforehand, instead Lou will be taking Talking to Terrorists and Sophia will be taking part in the melodrama instead. I am playing Saint Joan just after Talking to Terrorists, but overall, everyone had to be aware so they were not surprised in the next rehearsal.

Overall, this meeting took place with everyone the day after the decision was made, therefore the communication that Lynn had with us was very good and we were not left with rumours.


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