Unit 12 TASK 3C Reflective Journal: Wednesday 10th May (‘Rebel Rehearsal’)

After our rehearsal on the final song ‘Rebel’ last Friday, we had a year meeting on Monday in which we decided to have another rehearsal on this song today at 11:30. The purpose was to go over the song again with the aim of having a tutor to hear what we decided on Friday. We can also look at any issues with the song which we can sort out in this session. Personally, my aim is to go over the song without having the words in front of me and remembering everything we talked about on Friday regarding having an English accent and keeping the round quiet so the voices blend.

Before the rehearsal, a few of us who were around the rehearsal spaces met up to quickly go over the parts, we needed at least one member of each part, which we had. This was because Jess, who will be playing piano in the show for the song, wanted to practice, therefore, I went in with Chloe and Jack to go over it. This was helpful to me as I wanted to go into the 11:30 rehearsal confident knowing all of my parts, one issue I had previously was coming onto the round on time, as I am with Jess on this, we were able to go over it together, the rehearsal video for that is below:

The videos are just of the round, for me, it was helpful doing it without a piano as I had to think more about timing, this gave me more confidence, but as this was a small run through which we didn’t arrange, I didn’t look much at character. This is something that I need to think about going into future rehearsals for the show so it does not look boring to watch.

We all met at 11:30 as agreed and went straight into the song, after the run through beforehand, I felt more confident when singing, which I had to be as out of the four of us on that part, only myself and Emma were there to sing. In terms of our part, I do think that there are pitching issues after listening back to it, which we can work on if we keep going over it with everyone else once Beth and Sian are also there. Overall, there were still people looking at the words while singing through, which I was slightly confused at as we have each been given a small part to learn, however, this is not an issue as we still have time before the show and will go over the song as a group more times beforehand. There were changes to parts during this rehearsal, Scott has now moved to the boys section, this makes sense as he will be singing in a group with the rest of the posh boys, there will also be an added harmony at the end of their section which will be sung by Scott and Tom. I liked the addition to this as Scott and Tom have experience in acapella groups so will be able to show off what they have been doing over their time at Conservatoire EAST. Another harmony which has been added is to the end, at the moment, there is one harmony which the second group of the round are singing. The added harmony will be from the boys, which worked well when first sung, but from the rehearsal video below, it needs work as there is not much confidence from what I heard.



Afterwards, we went through the song again but looked more at staging, for me, as this is the final number, we need to go out on a high, but because of the song, I don’t think that we should add too many movements. It was decided that we would all stand on stage facing the audience, which I think is a good idea as we can all connect with the audience. However, after looking at the video below, I think that if we agree on that, we must stay in character and not all stay in the same position. For example, as my character Ruby, she is on a low after getting beaten up, therefore, she could stand reserved, angry at the situation but also confused to match her personality.

One thing that I am currently not too sure on is why we move half way, I understand that it adds movement, but at the moment, we don’t seem to have any purpose to it. It was explained that it was because it gives a chance for those at the back to move forward, but that may not be clear to the audience. This was done at the end of the session though ,so we can look at it more once we have had a run through. Because we are having a stumble run on Friday, we can do the scenes leading up to that and see if any of our positions change and see if we need to adapt it.

Overall, although there are still confidence issues and work needs to be done on harmonies, we now have a solid structure to the song and the staging. Personally, I was able to meet my aim and go over it knowing what I am doing and not missing my cues. I need to keep going over this, which will be easier to do with Emma, Beth and Sian as we are all on the same part.


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