Unit 12 TASK 3C Reflective Journal: Tuesday 23rd May (Meeting Regarding a Piece Change)

As planned, the technical rehearsal is due to start at 11:30, however, beforehand, we were all called in for a meeting with Lynn where the aim was to discuss something regarding the structure of the show. Last night, there was an attack in Manchester which is being treated as a terrorist attack, meanwhile, we currently have a piece in our piece called ‘Talking to Terrorists’. It was already very risky having the piece in due to the content, however, we all agreed as a group that the events the previous night tipped it over the scale. Therefore, we have all agreed to cut the piece in Saints and Sinners.

This poses an issue for the two people performing in the piece: James and Lou. Therefore, it is important that a solution is found so that they will still have plenty to perform in the final shows, anything chosen would mean having to get the play that day to read and get the piece to see that it fits as either a talking scene, a piece in the characters head or a cabaret act. Scott suggested later that they perform a piece called ‘Welcome to Hell’, originally performed by Roman Atkinson, which will see Lou and James as reps taking people to hell.

For me, Talking to Terrorists took place just before my Saint Joan monologue, with there being lines in my crib sheet which signalled the line for me to go to the theatre door. Welcome to Hell will replace that so I have written a new cue to go to the theatre doors after reading through the scene.

Overall, I am glad that this change has been made as because of what has happened, the piece is now for me, too sensitive and too soon to perform. Lou and James appeared happy to get new material and learn it, which we will see in the dress run.

The dress run will be on a different page.


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