Unit 12 TASK 3C Reflective Journal: Monday 22nd May (Show Structure Meeting and Saint Joan Costume)

Today we are going into show week, therefore to ensure there are little problems, it is important that we have a structure for show week. Therefore we were called for a meeting Monday morning with the purpose to discuss the structure for the week and to also discuss concerns about some of the show. This is because Lynn expressed her concern to us that there is a large amount of act 2 that is purely talking with no songs or dance routines. Therefore, the two aims of the meeting are to get a structure which we can put in our action plan and to decide if we need to make any changes to the script.

First of all, we talked about what the structure in terms of rehearsals for this week. I have written in all of my action plans that there will be a technical and dress rehearsal before we open on Wednesday night, but the specific times before the meeting was not decided. It has been decided that the technical rehearsal, which we have known for a couple of weeks will be on Tuesday, will be aimed to start at 11:30. We then have until 5pm to get the sound and lighting checked, for me, I will have the day to look at the finalised set so I know where to go on stage, where to enter and exit and to adapt to the larger space. The technical run will also be done in costume, so if there is anything that needs adapting, we will have a day to do that. Meanwhile, the dress run will take place at 11:30 where we have all day to have a proper run through of the show and get any last notes which we can work on before we open.

UPDATE: I have written down what we have discussed in this weeks action plan.

The next thing that was brought up was a concern by Lynn regarding the structure of act 2. There is currently a large gap in the script which has no songs or dance routines and as our piece is a cabaret club, there were concerns that this didn’t match what we were aiming to do. My initial thoughts were that if we wanted to find an alternative, we could switch Take Me to Church and add it in that section, adapting the dialogue with the Posh Boys and Saint Jimmy to make it work. However, it was revealed that this would not be practical for the dancers due to quick costume changes.

It was then suggested that it would be best to not make any changes, the argument that I agreed on is that this commission is also for actors, as there are two acting pieces in this section, they still offer drama and intensity to the piece overall. This wouldn’t then effect the quality of the piece, still making it interesting for audiences to watch. I think that to change anything now would add more stress to those who already have a lot to learn of the adapted script, which would then effect the quality of the piece.

The discussion was recorded which is below, it includes everyone’s arguments and our final decision to not change anything in the script.

Overall we were able to have a calm discussion where we were all able to come to an agreement on what we felt was best for the show. We can now move forward and look more at the script to get the piece together and prepare for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


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