Unit 12 Task 3b: Work In Progress Presentations and Evaluation

On Wednesday 19th April, the year two students and tutors met up with the aim of every group from each piece explaining to everyone their progress regarding their piece. This was originally due to be on Friday 31st March, however, as the casting was late into the term, the new date allowed us more time to present something.

Below is the full playlist, with my presentations separated below the playlist:

I am quite positive about the progress of this piece following this session, I was able to talk about reading the play, information which I was able to put in my Saint Joan research. However, although I have learned some of the monologue, I also need to get the monologue solidly off the book so I can really start to look at how I would perform it as an act in the Cabaret Club. A final note which I mentioned was possibly adding another section in, which was: “I could do without my warhorse; I could drag about in a skirt; I could let the banners and the trumpets and the knights and soldiers pass me and leave me behind as they leave the other women”. This was because after reading the play, this section shows Joan as a warrior, which is what her story is known for,  therefore, as the audience might not know anything about her, this section can really emphasise that.

I also feel positive about our progress with Shopping and F***ing, however, as I mentioned in my log of our first rehearsal, there are aspects of the character which need changing, which can be practiced in our next rehearsal. We also spoke briefly about costume, but the idea of jackets was the first time Leah, our production arts member had heard about it, so we need to have a proper discussion. The main things we also need to focus on are getting the lines off book, blocking it in a larger space as we were in a small room previously, costume and any possible props.

With my Saint Joan monologue and the progress I had for that, there was no feedback or questions from the tutors or anyone else as they were satisfied at what stage I was at. As that was the first proper piece of contact I had with Alex regarding Saint Joan, I am now hopeful that we can get a meeting underway next week. However, we did get feedback from the tutors regarding our Shopping and F***ing piece. This was partly on the characters in the piece, we were told by Lynn that we could come on as different characters, we did not have to be the same character as from the other pieces, particularly with Sian as she is a waitress. This is something that I am yet to figure out and must spend some time figuring out if my two characters are completely different people. My initial idea at the moment is that Saint Joan is an act, but the character is completely different to the one in Shopping and F***ing.

In relation to my action plan, this is not where I wanted to be at, originally, I had wanted to be off book with my lines by the time I came back, but I didn’t take into consideration that doing that, along with research would not help with getting rest to be prepared for the rest of this term. However, I have been able to read both plays, which I mentioned for my Saint Joan progress sharing, which I had aimed to put in my action plan over Easter. In my action plan, costume was not something that I had arranged yet, so to already have some ideas for Shopping and F***ing put that in a good position. This has helped me learn not to task myself with too much over one week, as it may not be possible and I would have to therefore change everything, which was always going to happen.

We were unable to discuss anything about Marketing and promotion, however, the year group had a meeting without the tutors the following day, which will be put on a separate page. Tickets for the performance went on sale on Tuesday at 10am, therefore we can now start marketing the piece with links and the final logo, which had been decided as this:

Finalised Logo

Now that I know what I need to do for the final performance on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th May, I will maintain communication with all members, particularly those who I am working in for the pieces, not forgetting the final song, ‘Rebel’, which I still need to learn the lyrics of.


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