Unit 12 TASK 1B Wednesday 10th May (UPDATED ACTION PLAN)

Following the ‘Rebel’ rehearsal we had in the morning, the session we are timetabled for with Lynn after lunch was to have a catch up to see our progress. As there have been changes to the action plan since Monday, I decided to create a new action plan before the rehearsal this morning. I have decided to do this because I have had aims this week to meet up with Sian to have a rehearsal for Shopping and F***ing to develop our characters. However, as she has not been in this week and will also not be in college tomorrow, this will not be possible, I have changed my action plan for that I have a definite date to meet with Alex regarding my Saint Joan costume. As well as that, I can go over developing Ruby on my own, I would like to do this with a tutor but I am aware that Erica will be rehearsing with other groups tomorrow. I have a lesson with Lynn on Friday afternoon so I will try to arrange a private session to go over characterisation. The reason I have decided to do this is because when evaluating and creating next weeks action plan, I can create it according to the changes I have made and not write in items that may or may not already have been done.

Here is the updated action plan for this week:

Action Plan 10th May

‘Saints and Sinners’ Project Action Plan and Timetable


Week No Date Week


Activity Resources Outcomes Achieved?
11/13 08.05.17 I have decided to create a new plan for this week due to having to change Shopping and F***ing rehearsals. Instead of rehearsing, I will make sure that I take time to go over lines and rehearse them with someone, this would be good as I can get more of an outside view of my character. The rebel rehearsal will take place on Wednesday morning at 11:30 where we will all meet and go over parts, seeing if there is anything that needs changing and working on. Costume wise, since the last action plan for this week, I have now got my Shopping and F***ing costume, I am going to have a meeting with Alex on Friday after we have had a stumble run of the whole show which we will begin at 10am. The aim of this is to go over everything, for me, my aim is to go over everything off book. In order to complete the Rebel rehearsal Wednesday morning, we will need a rehearsal room which is large enough to fit everyone in as well as the piano. It would be good to record the rehearsal, for which we will either need a camera or someone’s phone, with internet access to upload to YouTube. The costume meeting will not need a large space, but instead, either a small room or a small, quiet space where we cannot be distracted.

For the stumble run, we will need a large space, such as the dance studio to run over everything with the space of the theatre.


As I have mentioned through all of my action plans over time, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be dedicated to Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals which runs from Wednesday 17th-Saturday 20th May. Therefore, I will not be able to rehearse any Saints and Sinners pieces, therefore, by this time, I need to ensure I know what I am doing regarding where I am throughout the show, lines and costume. I need to have my costume sorted by this Friday as we will be having a dress run, which will be our final run before the rehearsals in the theatre. If the last week has gone to plan, then I should have had my lines learned and know what I am doing. For Bonnie and Clyde, I think that it would be a good idea to market the show to the audience by putting posters in the brochures and on the bistro tables. I will also aim to post the trailer and the link to tickets online.

For the run through on Friday, we will not be able to run in the theatre because of the Bonnie and Clyde set, but we will need a large room to run through everything with markings of the theatre, which the dance studio has, we will need all cast members and the tutors. Friday will be our dress rehearsal, therefore, I need to make sure I have my clothes for both characters and my character shoes before Friday to have at college.
13/13 22.05.17 This final week will be production and show week, Monday will not have a rehearsal in the theatre due to the technicians taking down the Bonnie and Clyde set and rigging the lights. But Tuesday will be focused on technical rehearsals with a dress rehearsal happening on Wednesday. I need to make sure that my costume is on the Saints and Sinners rail and I know when I am on and off stage. I can also get last minute marketing purposes sorted by posting on social media. The shows will be on Wednesday and Thursday evening, which afterwards, I need to write my 1,000 minimum evaluation. I will aim to get this completed by Friday 2nd June. The technical and dress rehearsal will be happening in the theatre to run the show, if I need to go over any pieces, then I will need a rehearsal space. We will have a changing room for the show week, where I will need my costume all on the rail. The cast and staff members will all be focused on the show for this week, but I need to take into consideration that the tutors will be in the theatre over seeing technical and dress rehearsals. For the evaluation, I will need a computer with internet access in either the library or a computer room, I am hoping to come into college during the holidays to get my work completed in good time. Then if there is anything missing, I can make changes and any last minute adaptations.

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