Unit 12 Task 1a: Research for Ideas

U12 Project Proposal Template v2017 1a

I want to range my ideas and have different styles of ideas for each piece, I wanted them to be different pieces ranging in length for the revue style pieces. In terms of the revue style format, I have a couple of ideas which are split in half, having one part in the first half and the second part of my idea in the second half. My first one is a play, for this, I wanted to choose one from a playwright which I have learned about during the autumn term, I looked through the complete plays of Joe Orton and Harold Pinter which I was able to find in the library.

I found two sections in both acts which could be performed, one in the first half of the show, the second in the second half. The first part introduces the five characters, Fay, who had 7 husbands, all died violently and has also poisoned one of her patients, Mary McLeavey. Mary’s son, Hay has just robbed a bank and to cover his tracks, hides the money in his mother’s coffin, with the eventual help of his father, McLeavey. Fay and Hay are the two sinners of the play, but end up going uncharged, with McLeavey getting arrested instead, despite being innocent. In order to play this scene out, I will need 5 actors, four male and one female, I need to take into consideration that each piece should not be longer than 15 minutes, so I have chosen the sections I felt were most important to the theme and will tell the story.

The first half focuses on the bank robbery in which the money gets hidden in Mary’s coffin, while the undercover detective, Truscott, interrogates Fay about her husband’s deaths, upsetting Fay.

Methuem, E (1976) Orton: The Complete Plays. London: Eyre Methuen Ltd. Act 1. Scene 1: Wake up. Stop dreaming. The cars will be here soon

The second half reveals the sins that Fay has committed, with the truth that she murdered Mary coming out, as well as the bank robbery.

Methuem, E (1976) Orton: The Complete Plays. London: Eyre Methuen Ltd. Act 2. Scene 1: The process by which…

Methuem, E (1976) Orton: The Complete Plays. London: Eyre Methuen Ltd.

I also looked through separate plays which we have studied in sessions, such as ‘Entertaining Mr Sloane’, by Joe Orton, which was also in the library, before looking at his separate works. However, ultimately, I decided against this and decided to focus on another one of Orton’s plays, ‘Loot’.

Secondly, I decided to look through songs which could be turned into a speech, with the focus being a scene. For research, I put my focus onto songs from a television series which I have watched, The Vampire Diaries, the final series has the focus on bad souls going to hell and meeting the devil, shown particularly after murdering someone. The series has a playlist of songs which were picked to fill this darkening theme, one of which has a murder ballad, Twisted Games by David Lawrence. The song title gave me an idea of the devil and his servant playing a twisted game with someone.

Sushant Belsare. 2016. Twisted Games David Lawrence. [Online]. [Accessed: 14 March 2017]. Available from:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBAWv-hvZiU

Lawrence, D. 2016. Twisted Games. London: EMI

Other songs I looked at which involved the devil were

Where the Devil Don’t go by Elle King:

King, E. 2015. Where the Devil Don’t Go’. New York: RCA Records

I took inspiration from one of the episodes, where Violet Fell, an innocent young girl, is turned into a vampire in a scheme to turn young innocent girls into killers in order to survive. She is then killed where she will meet the devil and be tortured in hell. I wanted to use this as inspiration and devise a short scene, however, I will adapt it and make it my own version. Going from the lyrics of the song, I interpret that the young girl has already committed a crime, covered in blood, but instead of being a vampire, she has been compelled by a young man to stab someone. During the scene, she is in purgatory and has been killed in the stabbing that she was involved in by the young man who made her do the killing, in between the living and hell. She lands in the forest, outside of the house she entered in the night, covered in blood and with a knife, she is confused and does not know where she is, but as soon as the ‘devil’ starts reciting the song, she knows, begging him to give her a chance to redeem herself, but it is too late and is taken to hell. I would like to take the responsibility of writing a short script to put this altogether,  I was thinking that to play this at the best, three actors should be involved, two males, one as the devil with the other as the young man, and one girl.

Here is the scene I took inspiration from:

thevampirediaries. 2017. The Vampire Diaries: 8×10 – Stefan kills Violet because she killed people, Caroline calls Matt. [Online]. [Accessed: 13 March 2017]. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHKhMt4os7o

My final idea was taken from the musical, ‘Bad Girls’, with music and lyrics from Kath Gotts. This is another idea where I would wish to include two songs, one in each half. One of them, is about how although these women had good intentions, they ended up doing bad things which got them into jail. The other one lies more on the saint side, with there being a theme of trying to redeem themselves. The first song which I am definitely going to propose is ‘I Shouldn’t be Here’, however, I need to take into consideration the age range of our audience as the beginning of the song starts “didn’t expect the dozy twat to die on me”, however, I don’t think this will be too much of a problem as this can be slightly adapted. We will also discuss as a group after the final ideas have been decided what the age rating for the show will be, this will be because others may have ideas which include language inappropriate for young children.

I am not planning to include the whole song as a piece, however, I am aware that each piece is a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of fifteen, therefore, I will cut it in accordance to the guidelines. I was originally going to have the first two verses and the final chorus, this would mean someone playing Crystal and Denny. However, this was only going to be 2 minutes and 38 seconds long, therefore, I will also add Shelly’s part at the beginning. I wanted to include Crystal as she was shoplifting and ‘was doing it for Jesus, like he did in the temple story’. Meanwhile Denny just wanted his mum, the people who he was in care with told him that if he was good, he would see her again, which didn’t happen, so he burned the care home down. I wanted to add this theme that they shouldn’t be in prison because they only had good intentions and wishes, with the words ‘I shouldn’t be here’ repeated.

No author (2014) I Shouldn’t Be Here Lyrics. Available at: https://www.allmusicals.com/lyrics/badgirls/ishouldntbehere.htm (Accessed: 12 March 2017)

The second song is called ‘This Is My Life’, which focuses more on the path to redemption and wanting to do right. I previously did not have much material on Saints, choosing to focus more on Sinners, however, this one links to Saints, part of the lyrics of the song are “This is my life, I’m giving it everything I can to make it good”, then talking about plans with children in the future on the beach. Unlike the previous song, I will use the whole song in the piece, there are three main girls singing this song, with prisoners joining in. As this is a musical, I was looking at either musical theatre students for this whole idea as well as members of my acting group who have singing experience. This links back to my action plan where I mentioned that I would like to do some singing in the final performance.

No author (2014) This Is My Life Lyrics. Available at: https://www.allmusicals.com/lyrics/badgirls/thisismylife.htm (Accessed: 12 March 2017)




One thought on “Unit 12 Task 1a: Research for Ideas”

  1. You’ve been very thorough in your research (and your referencing is BEAUTIFUL!). I was a bit confused at the start of the section as to which play you were talking about, you didn’t actually say which one until much further down the page. Can you say WHY you went for Loot rather than Sloane in the context of the project? Your reasoning behind Bad Girls showed good relevance to the theme for the project, where & how did you first know about the musical?


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