Unit 12 Research: Saint Joan Costume

As mentioned in my previous research, Saint Joan is one of my characters for the Saints and Sinners cabaret show. She lived from 1412- 30th May 1431, therefore, when looking at costume, I can’t look at anything modern, in one of my reflective journals, I have already put a picture of my final costume for Ruby. However, this is completely different from Ruby, she is a cabaret act which I do not associate with my other character, therefore, when finding a costume, I need something that will fit her.

Original Ideas:

When I first cut the monologue, I did not mention the line: “I could drag about in a skirt”, therefore, I looked online and was able to find images of her in a skirt. I researched ‘Joan of Arc burned at the stake’ online and found a pattern in what I found, many of the paintings were of Saint Joan in a white dress:

Image result for saint joan of arc burned at the stake

The image I have found above is from a post by Deanna Proach, which explains that the scenery is St. Ouen, the area that she was burned (Proach, 2013). The dress she wears is baggy with rope tied around her and a cross and this was similar to other images that I found.

Image result for saint joan of arc burned at the stake

This image shows Joan of arc wearing her white dress, but also with another item of clothing, which I can also consider when choosing my costume. Overall, it is plain, so I will not look too much into detail, I need to consider that there might not be anything at college which would suit this, therefore I would either have to adapt or consider buying items.

Meeting with Alex (12th May)

On Friday morning I had a short meeting with Alex regarding my costume idea, I have decided to have a white dress which is plain and nothing else. I have decided this as because I will be performing this in a purgatory cabaret club, I thought that it would be suitable to have a costume which resembles the one that she died in.

UPDATE (18th May) : Alex was unable to find anything at college, however, in our current season show, Bonnie and Clyde, the preacher has a baggy white dress, from the images taken by Tony Kelly, although there is detail, the costume will be plain and white:

Costume Idea

I have spoken to Alex about this idea, which he agreed with and have been allowed to use it for the show.

UPDATE (19th May) : After speaking to Lynn about my costume idea, she had concerns that it does not fit my character as it is for a preacher in the 20th century. After looking at it in more detail, I agreed with this, therefore, as I have mentioned in my week 13 action plan, I will look on Monday.

UPDATE (22nd May): As Alex has been taking down the Bonnie and Clyde set, he has been unable to help find a costume in college, however, after speaking to Lynn, we have decided that either one of these with a black top and either baggy leggings or jogging bottoms would work. These are the two that I found and thought that the red would not work, due to wanting to make her as plain as possible. We decided on this because since my initial idea of a white dress, I have made another draft of the monologue which is in the Saints and Sinners script, adding: “I could drag about in a skirt”, which indicates that she could, but she does not want to. I decided this as it shows her not conforming to what other women would be expected to wear in the time period, wanting to be a solider instead. I also researched that although she was forced to put on women’s clothes, she took them off again.


Here is what I have decided:

Overall, finding a costume for Saint Joan has been more difficult that getting a costume for Ruby. This is because Ruby’s costume is 21st century for her going out, however, Saint Joan has to match the time period and the monologue. I feel that communication with Alex has been more which I am to blame for as I kept putting it off, therefore, I will take this on in the future and learn to be more prepared and to keep communicating.

Proach, D (2013) Joan of Arc – A guest post by author Deanna Proach. Available at: https://thefreelancehistorywriter.com/2013/04/16/joan-of-arc-a-guest-post-by-author-deanna-proach/ (Accessed: 9 May 2017)

Hermann Stilke, (1843), Joan of Arc’s Death at the Stake [ONLINE]. Available at: http://en.paperblog.com/concert-review-the-martyr-complex-95914/ [Accessed 9 May 2017].



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