UPDATED Unit 12 Action Plan: 24th April

U12 Project Action Plan 24th April

Changes to week before:

WEEK 9: For this week, although I have rehearsed with my group for Shopping and F***ing, we have not had a group rehearsal for the song ‘Rebel’, which everyone is involved in. Therefore, I have added this into this week’s plan and another thing I can add in more detail is the marketing plan for the week. In week 8, we had a meeting on the Thursday where we created a marketing schedule, although it was my week to market the show online last week, I will be able to include names for this week.

‘Saints and Sinners’ Project Action Plan and Timetable


Week No Date Week


Activity Resources Outcomes Achieved?
9/13 24.04.17 This week will focus a lot on rehearsals and meetings, I have spoken to Sian and Leah through Facebook messenger and have decided to meet up early this week, as we were not fully off book for Friday’s rehearsal, the aim will be to run it through off book. We can also start discussing costume in more detail, showing the coats but also looking at alternatives. We will also arrange to have another rehearsal in the week so for both of these rehearsals, we can both get into the character and look further into the piece, which may mean we change some parts of the blocking. Therefore, it will be my responsibility to ensure that I am fully off book for these rehearsals.

Tom had mentioned last week about having a group rehearsal Friday afternoon for the final song, Rebel. I have not prioritised this song as much as my other pieces, so this week before Friday, I need to listen to the song and learn as much of it as I can.

I would also like to arrange a short meeting with Alex either mid-week or towards the end of the week, so the following week, we can look to getting a costume sorted, however, I am aware that Alex is involved in other pieces, so I will take a large active role in doing this. In order to get the right costume for Saint Joan, I may look to do further research into costume.

Now that we have a marketing schedule for who posts updates on Facebook on the show to market it to our friends, I will keep check through the week to see if those marketing this week have done that, as it was my week last week, I do not need to do this, as there is a rota, for this week, the responsibility goes to Daytona, Tom, Chloe, Scott, Richard and Leah Smith.

We have been warned this week that because of the first year’s show, Art and Life being next week, rehearsal spaces will be prioritised for them. However, we can try to arrange a rehearsal in which we know there will be a rehearsal space available. This is so we can run through the piece instead of simply talking it through. However, for meetings, I can easily meet up with Alex in a small, quiet space, which will allow those who need to rehearse pieces time to rehearse. There still may be lessons for the musical theatre pathway students for technique session and also for production arts, therefore, I need to arrange a rehearsal or a meeting with Sian, Josh (who is on my pathway so it will be less of an issue), Leah and Alex which suits everyone best, which we will discuss together. For Friday afternoon, we have already agreed that we are all available to rehearse, getting permission from Lynn to miss her lesson.

If I can get an idea for costume for each of my pieces this week, I can start to search around the college, at home or at shops, I may also look online which will require a computer with internet access. If I can get a costume, then I will keep them at college on a rail and start to use them for rehearsals.

In order to do more research into my Saint Joan character, I will require a computer with internet access, either in a computer room or the library.

Although I was unable to meet with Sian early in the week, we met up on Friday and was able to have a rehearsal with Erica. We were able to explain to her what our concerns were regarding the piece and how we were unsure of our characters. By the end of this rehearsal, we now have a better idea of our character’s personality, for example, Ruby is now going to be more of an airhead instead of a teenager with an attitude. We are still linking the idea that Lulu has asked Ruby to sell the drugs, but making it more clearly with how she has managed to fail. This will be explained more in that reflective journal. We discussed costumes, which is something I wanted to have a better idea of and currently, I am going to look in my own wardrobe and look for smart clothes.

Meanwhile, I have been able to rehearse Saint Joan out loud for the first time this week, which I did in my free time as I was not aware of an audition day so did not put in this action plan. But so far, although I have been able to learn it, there are some moments where I freeze, so next week will also look at getting that completely off book.

We were all unable to meet up for a rehearsal on Rebel, as there was a college trip in the morning and not everyone arrived back in college at the same time. Therefore, this needs to be re-arranged, with my focus more turning to learning the song, which I haven’t put as much time to compared to Shopping and F***ing and Saint Joan.

Another thing I also need to do next week is contact Alex about costume as we were unable to meet up, we discussed meeting at a time when we were both free, which we couldn’t do. So next week, although I am aware he is doing the technical aspects for another show, I will try to get just a few minutes with him to talk costume through.

10/13 01.05.17 For this week, I will miss a day of rehearsing at college because of bank holiday Monday and the college will be closed. The year one show, Art and Life will take place on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th May, this means there will be technical and dress rehearsals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, therefore, the tutors focus will be on their show, meaning we will have to rehearse this week without them. It will be my responsibility and the group’s to arrange rehearsals and rehearse without needing tutor supervision so we can get things sorted. For me, I will need to arrange a rehearsal with Sian where we can keep running the piece to develop our characters and get a deadline for costumes, so we avoid rushing around next week. It is important we get an idea for costume by the end of this week as next week is Bonnie and Clyde, the season show.

Marketing will continue to be important, we have arranged to have some posters which we can put around college and other places to advertise the show. Although it is not my week to really market the event, I will still share the event to refresh the minds of those on my friends list.

I am aware that due to the other commission performance that we may be very limited on rooms, therefore, to solve this, I feel that there should be a schedule for groups who are wanting to rehearse at the same time to avoid any clashes. This will mean that we can all have access to rooms to rehearse and have meetings in. It may be possible to share rooms if they are big enough.

In order to meet with Sian, we will require a room which has a reasonable sized rehearsal space, also having to remember that my timetable with Sian might clash, so we will have to arrange a time where we are both available, this will be the same with Leah and Alex on Production Arts.

If I have been able to get a costume for any of my pieces, I will need those for rehearsals, this should be easy access as there will be a separate rail for the Saints and Sinners show.

In order to continue marketing the show online, I will need access to social media, this can be either on a phone or on a computer, but it will require access to the internet.

11/13 08.05.17 As this is the week before Bonnie and Clyde, which many year two students are in, including myself and Sian, it will be important that we meet this week to rehearse Shopping and F***ing. We can then work on our characters and getting the relationship between the two characters developed. I will also have meetings about costumes with Alex and Leah for both of my pieces so they are aware of any plans I have and if there is anything we need to look at getting. As Bonnie and Clyde is next week, we will lose three days on Saints and Sinners next week, therefore, we need as much sorted with our characters as possible and be solid on our lines. In order to rehearse, we will need a large rehearsal space so we can map out where we can be in the theatre for week 13. However, for meetings, we will only ned a small space or a small room where we will not get disrupted. I will need to see when Sian, Leah and Alex are all free as they are on different pathways to me, l therefore, our timetables will not be the same, we will therefore have to communicate and arrange a day and time most convenient to us.
12/13 15.05.17 For all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, my focus will be on photos, technical and dress rehearsals for Bonnie and Clyde, which runs from Wednesday 17th-Saturday 20th. Therefore, I will have limited time for Saints and Sinners so Thursday and Friday will have to purely focus on Saints and Sinners. Sian is also in Bonnie and Clyde, therefore, we will meet on Thursday and discuss if there is anything we need to do, we can talk through the production element, with final talks to Leah about the production element Shopping and F***ing, meanwhile, I will also aim to talk through with Alex any other aspects for Saint Joan. Through Bonnie and Clyde, myself and the rest if the cast will be able to complete last minute marketing for the show by speaking to audience members and handing out posters. As Bonnie and Clyde will be performed in the theatre, the set will be in there for the entire week, therefore, we will not be able to use the theatre for any rehearsals on Thursday or Friday. Instead, I will have to find rooms for meetings and rehearsals with Sian and the rest of the group in other rooms, taking into consideration that other groups will also be rehearsing. For the music, we would have already had meetings with the production team tasked with out certain pieces, hopefully, we will have music sorted so I am hopeful that we can have that for rehearsing so we can be aware of what will be played before the technical rehearsals. This will require either a device or a computer which can connect to a sound system, along with that, we can also have costumes and props ready for the following weeks, rehearsing in them this week to ensure there is nothing else we need for the next week. As we had limited contact with the tutors last week, Thursday and Friday I feel will have to meet with them to see where we are all at with our pieces. I would like to have a meeting with a tutor to go over my pieces before next week to ensure they are suitable to perform next week. This will mean seeing when Sian and the tutors are free.
13/13 22.05.17 This week will be the technical and dress rehearsal, with the final performances taking place on the 24th and 25th May. The technical rehearsal will be important as we can fit all of the pieces together in the theatre, our performance space. By now, I should have had everything given to and briefed to Alex and Leah for my two pieces so when it comes to Saint Joan and Shopping and F***ing, so hopefully, there will be no issues. For these rehearsals, it will be my responsibility to know the running order of the project performance so I know when my piece will be coming up. I will have to ensure that I fully know what I am doing for my pieces and the performance, along with the suitable costumes being lined up. The technical and dress will be able to address any problems that I will have to look at possibly with Sian and Leah or Alex. Following the show, I then have to take the responsibility of writing up my evaluation of the show and the process, with a minimum of 1000 words to be written by the 5th June. This week will mainly take place in the theatre, we will be able to get the set in place, so we have an idea for spacing and where we will be for the performance. We can also have access to the sound systems when it comes to music for our pieces. We will be with the tutors a lot this week, so I will have access to talk to them, except during the tech and dress. For any rehearsals on pieces during the tech and dress, we should be able to have access to rooms to meet in groups, especially Sian. I know that Sian is with other groups, therefore, I will have to see when she is free and not with other groups to go over everything.

For the evaluation, it will require uploading it to WordPress, therefore, I will need access to the computer room and the library to get a computer with internet access.


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