Unit 11 Research Analysis and Evaluation


One thought on “Unit 11 Research Analysis and Evaluation”

  1. Hannah,
    Task 2 asked you to:

    • evaluate your research for its:
    o currency (how up to date is this information? does it matter if it is from an old source?)
    o relevance (how much of this information is useful?)
    o quality (does it come from a trustworthy source? how do you know this?)
    o content (is there some new information here? Does it shed more light on something you found out somewhere else?)
    o relationship to the work you have been carrying out on the course

    • analyse your research by:
    o highlighting / identifying key pieces of information you have noticed
    o commenting on significant things that might be useful or interesting for your essay / report

    • show how this investigation feeds into your own work on the course

    Please get this work done as soon as possible so I can mark it and pass you. Thank you


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