Unit 11 Essay Research Plan

My essay- In what ways might have film and theatre had an impression on politics over the world over the past century?

Possible areas to research so that I can write my essay

  1. Which political films have been banned in Europe?
  2. Which political films have been banned in the rest of the world?
  3. After looking through films that have been banned, which countries have banned the most political films?
  4. Which factors could have contributed to this?
  5. At what point in the 20th century did was politics able to make a greater impression through theatre?
  6. What effect did this have on audiences?
  7. Has my previous viewings had any influence on this subject?
  8. For film and theatre, would it be possible to conclude that it is harder for audiences to be controlled with the political plays or films they are able to watch?

Possible places to begin to look (research) for the information I need to be able to answer my question

Primary Research

  • I could create a survey asking questions on if they have watched any films or plays involving politics and if they had any strong views on it which they may not have had before- this could help with questions 6 and 8.
  • Look at reviews that I have written in the past about plays, such as the Threepenny Opera when I first watched it- this could help with question 7.

Secondary Research

  • Looking at websites which have details on the 1968 Theatre Act which abolished censorship in theatres- this can help with questions 5 and 6.
  • YouTube videos which have lists of controversial political films that have once been or are banned- this can help with questions 1,2 and 3.
  • After researching countries who have banned films, I could look at history books, such as Germany in World War 2, as they may have banned films released about Nazi Germany- this can help with question 4.

One thought on “Unit 11 Essay Research Plan”

  1. Hannah, I like the theme of your essay but think the title might need some tweaking so it better matches your areas of enquiry that you have identified through your questions.

    You seem to be interested in films and plays / productions which have been considered politically subversive by particular governments / regimes and to want to look at why these might be considered by such governments and regimes to be ‘dangerous’ viewing for their people.

    You seem to also be considering how the producers / directors have tried to ‘get round’ the censorship of their work. (I know that in Communist Poland my friend was in a physical theatre company who didn’t use speech / text in their productions so it made it much more difficult for their anti-government pieces to be censored. It was difficult for the censor to say ‘you can’t manipulate that suitcase in that way because it clearly shows government violence against the people to keep them under control’ because the company could just deny the interpretation).

    What I feel you need to be clear about is what YOU mean by ‘political’; do you mean content which shows a particular government / regime in a bad light? is it content which depicts the fictional or documented goings on in government and of political parties? You don’t need to worry that there is a right answer to this – the right answer is what you are choosing to examine in your essay but you need to make it clear to us so that we are coming at it from the same angle.

    The more you research the bigger this theme will become so, by the time you write your essay, you may want to narrow it down so that you can stay within the word count. I look forward to reading your essay.


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