Task 8: Rehearsed Reading

Throughout the past few weeks, the aim has been to create a script for a Theatre In Education piece with the topic of English. We have decided to focus our piece for a Key Stage 1 audience with the objective to encourage children to read. Leading up to this, we have had numerous rehearsals to change the script to have a reading with a script that follows our objective.

Below is our T.I.E rehearsed reading with feedback and ideas for our workshop:


The second part of the video has feedback from our reading, a problem we have had throughout the process so far is expanding our piece. This was also brought up in our feedback, tips we were given to improve was to expand the scenes so the mysteries in the forest are not solved as quick. This can then create more mystery and suspense, especially with the wolf. I also feel that there would be more panic with the characters, instead, they panic for a short time but the mystery is then solved and they suddenly disappear. The fact that this happens means that the piece overall is a lot shorter than it should be, which is something else that came up with the feedback. One piece of advice we were given after the reading was that we could expand it and lengthen the mysteries by having a hero’s quest, with Olivia being the hero.

It became clear after the reading that we need to think about the age of our audiences and the characters we have created. The two bears speak in unison and one danger that we hadn’t though of before was the way voices will go in terms of the tone. This is because it was brought up that Jack and James started to speak monotone when speaking together, something that could either scare our audience, or disinterest them. Through previous voice lessons with Lynn, the importance of ranging our voices at a high and low tone is always emphasised.  Beth also spoke about James’s portrayal of the wolf, he also doesn’t range his voice and was spoken at a low tone which could also have a negative reaction from a key stage 1 audience.

There are some parts of the script that were picked up that we were we could do with changing. For example, the names of the games in our piece such as Sims City could have copyright issues if we use them, therefore, we will work on changing that.

Despite that, we had positive feedback from our reading with comments made that our piece had a solid structure. This was really positive for us as we have already had to change the storyline from what we originally agreed and made numerous changes to try to expand the script. As well as that, the main message was brought across well and commented on.

 Set and Costume

During the rehearsed reading, we did not talk about set and costume, however, we have decided on costumes for each character:

  • My character (mother): I have decided to keep the costume simplistic with clothing for a working class, modern day mother in her 30’s. At the moment, I will be wearing blue jeans with a lightly coloured top with a white cardigan and black, flat shoes.
  • Olivia: school uniform, pyjamas, red blanket which will be transformed into a cloak for Little Red Riding Hood in the dream world.
  • Tinkerbell: Emma has already said that she will be able to get hold of a Tinkerbell costume so she can look as close to the character as possible.
  • Peter Pan: As we are going to have a proper costume for Tinkerbell, we are going to do the same to give Peter Pan the same effect.
  • Bears: At the moment, we have decided to have brown clothing for the bears, however, this is something that will need to be discussed further.
  • Wolf: The wolf is a character which we have not yet decided on, therefore, we will need to discuss it further.

Task 9 Evaluation: https://hannahkingwsc.wordpress.com/task-9-evaluation-of-rehearsed-reading/


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