Task 7: Reflective Journal- Wednesday 23rd November

During yesterday’s session, we started to write up the first draft for the script for our T.I.E piece, therefore, the purpose for this session was to continue writing. Because we have our rhymes written and a structure set, the aim for the session was to get the script finished so we can present a full first draft tomorrow during Erica’s lesson.

We decided to have one person write up the script and the rest of us would contribute and read through the script afterwards. By doing this, we can get the script written up quickly and it will allow more time to make changes to get the script to a high standard. Lou was assigned to write the script while we talked about how many days our piece would be set over. We decided that after each dream with each different character that she would wake up the next morning, therefore, the piece will be set over three days.

We were able to reach our aim for the session and have managed to type up a first draft of the script, seen below:


Overall, this session went well and as a team, we were productive to get a first draft of the script completed, however, I felt that I should have made a little more contribution to ideas. Now, I need to read the script through and become familiar with my role as Olivia’s mother for the read through tomorrow.


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