Task 7: Reflective Journal: Thursday 24th November (First Read Through with video)

As mentioned in yesterday’s journal, the purpose of today’s session was to present what we had written for ‘Olivia and the Disappearing Stories’. Lou had completed the first draft yesterday so we were able to read through a first full draft, therefore, the aim was to have a full read through and receive feedback on how to improve. We were then going to hear what the maths T.I.E group had written so far.

Our group was first in presenting, because Emma was not in the session, we had Jack multi-rolling her part. Overall, we were successfully able to show what had been written so far clearly, however, we were not able to put too much characterisation into our roles as we had our scripts.

We then received feedback from the rest of the class on how we can improve our script, the main point made to us was that the script needed to be expanded. This is so we can have a longer performance as at the moment, it is not long enough. As well as that, by expanding it, parts in the script that don’t make sense can be explained and it will give a chance for Olivia to have more interaction with the fairy tale characters. In order to have more interaction with the fairy tale characters,  we are going to have them explain to Olivia what she needs to do in order to save the disappearing characters. At the moment, the characters in the story say their rhyme and Olivia simply replies that she doesn’t know the story, but it then came up that she couldn’t know if it was a story if she had never heard of the characters. Because of this, one way to improve and expand is to have them explain to Olivia who they are and what she can do to save the characters they are looking for.

Another piece of feedback involved the second scene with Peter Pan, we need to keep our piece as simple as possible for a Key Stage 1 audience. It was brought up by Erica that asking the students what story Peter Pan comes from may confuse the audience as the story was from Peter Pan. Therefore, we will try to find a solution to this to ensure we can keep the characters and keep it simple.

Despite this, Beth made a comment on the repetition scenes between Olivia and her mother, there are three scenes where her mother tries to get her to read a story before bed and three times Olivia refuses. As these scenes are short, we decided to repeat them to avoid expanding it unnecessarily and although it was brought up as a possible thing to change, Beth commented that she liked it and once the other scenes have been expanded, it can work and younger audiences probably wouldn’t know.

After reading through our piece, the maths group then read through what they had written so far as they had not finished their script. However, I really enjoyed listening to it and although they have been able to get their learning objective in, they have also been able to make it a comedic piece with jokes suitable for their audience.

For our group now, we need to work on taking on the notes we were given so we are able to improve our script. As well as that, we also need to start thinking about props and costumes, we started this at the end of the session but need to finalise everything.




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