Task 7: Reflective Journal: Thursday 1st December (Re-writing Script)

After the discussion from Tuesday’s session with Erica, we need to continue expanding and making changes to our script. Once we have made more changes as a group to the script, the second part of the session will be showing Erica what we have changed with the aim to get more feedback in order to improve it further.

We need to expand each scene, therefore, we started working through, starting with expanding the interaction between Olivia and her mother. In this new draft, we worked out how my character is going to try to convince Olivia to start reading. As Lou is in charge of the script, she has put down that books can invite the reader to different worlds and the exciting, different characters which a reader can meet, just by opening a book. Although I feel more could be added, there is also the danger that we could put too much content into that beginning scene, meaning that we drag it out and make our audience lose concentration.

We then moved onto the second scene in the dream world, taking on board what was spoken about on Tuesday, we have created our own forest which can easily establish it as a dream world. We wanted to create a forest that would be fun for children so we had everything made of sweets and unusual colours. For example, trees with purple leaves, glitter apples and chocolate flowers. For me, this makes it a lot more fun and really shows that dream world, I feel that the creativity of different objects can help our audiences picture it and use their imagination to picture it as they would.

As the interaction between Olivia and the fairy tale characters is something that needs expanding, we were able to create more interaction between Olivia and Tinkerbell. We took on the notes on the fact that because Olivia doesn’t read, she wouldn’t know who Tinkerbell is, so we have added Olivia ask who she is. As well as that, my suggestion was taken on board and after Peter Pan has been found, they warn Olivia that they are in the wolf’s woods and he is after fairy tale characters. This will also be added into the fourth scene with the three bears, however, we were only able to get those two scenes written.

We are struggling to expand the piece enough to get it to 20 minutes and because we keep changing it, we have not been able to re-write the rest of the script. However, we showed Erica what we had changed and again, the main point was to expand it even further. Although we have made more interaction with Olivia and Tinkerbell, there is not much between Olivia and Peter Pan, therefore, we can add interaction between those two characters so Peter Pan does not simply appear and disappear again.

For the scenes with Olivia and her mother, an idea arose that to further expand the mother/daughter relationship by talking to Olivia more about school, incorporating the fact that she has been reading at school. She can then tell her mother about it which will give her the encouragement that her daughter would like to have a bedtime story. For me, this can show her passion for reading, which will expand through each scene between the two. This is because we still want Olivia to gradually want to read, going from not wanting a bedtime story to wanting her mum to read her one at the end.

In conclusion, there is still a lot that we need to do in terms of the script writing and we need to re-write the script before Monday. Our rehearsed reading will take place on Friday 9th December as all of our group will be at college that day, however, we haven’t yet been able to think about blocking. I know that we can’t simply stand and read the script in front of everyone so it is important that we get the script finished as soon as possible.