Task 7: Reflective Journal: Monday 5th/Tuesday 6th December

As we have our rehearsed reading this week, the main aim for this week is to expand all of our script, so far, we have only been able to expand part of it.

Character development

For my character, the scenes she is in are rather short and for a mother who is so desperate for her daughter to read, she gives up quickly. There needs to be more development in the mother with convincing her daughter to read without making her a villain. She could easily become a villain by threatening to take her electronics away or grounding her, so a challenge for me is to show Olivia, as well as the audience, why reading is so important. With the following changes, we have made her mother try to convince her why reading is great instead of threatening to take her belongings away.

A good way for me to also get into my character and get a better picture of her, I will look into Hagen’s nine questions which I researched in the first task and Harry Ladell had his workshop on.

In order to get the mother’s passion for reading and Olivia’s distaste for reading across, we have decided to add another character. This character is called Katie and doesn’t actually appear in our script, but is Olivia’s best friend at school who is mentioned a lot by Olivia. Katie is a character who hates reading and has power over Olivia so much that Olivia worries Katie will hate her if she says she doesn’t actually mind reading. To portray this, we have written in Olivia saying that Katie told her reading is boring. I think that by adding this in, Olivia has a motive for not wanting to read and it gives my character more motivation to convince her to be independent and not listen to anyone else. This continues into the third scene when her mum asks if she wants a story, instead of Olivia saying “no”, she says that she will think about it. Finally, at the end, Olivia realises that she shouldn’t care what her friend thinks and asks if she can have a bed time story read, which can also be taught to our audience.

Rest of the Script

In the second scene, the dream world is all new to Olivia and she is still not wanting to read, we have added this into the script when she tells Tinkerbell that she doesn’t read because it is not cool. We thought this could be important as we can add that little more interaction. In terms of interaction, we knew that we had to add more between Olivia and Peter Pan, which we have managed to add, this was by Olivia acknowledging Peter Pan and him warning Olivia about the wolf.

For the scene with the bears, although we have made slight changes with the rhymes, we have not expanded this scene too much because of time. However, I feel that it will have to again be expanded, but we have spent more time on Olivia with Tinkerbell and Peter Pan than with the bears. I think that this is a similar situation with the wolf, however, we have added the warning from the bears about the wolf and made changes to the wolf’s scene. Lou has added in more rhymes to this scene, mentioning Katie not wanting Olivia to read which would play to the wolf’s advantage.

In conclusion, we have managed to expand all of the script, but I think that we have spent more time on the first two scenes than the other, which I am worried may show. However, for the reading this week, this will not be our final draft, so we have the opportunity to continue expanding. We have managed to get together and work on the script while coming up with different ideas.


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