Task 7: Reflective Journal: Monday 28th November (Script Changes)

After having a read through with Erica, it became clear that there were many plot holes within our script, therefore, the purpose for this session was the go through the notes given to re-write parts of our script. We will have another read through tomorrow where we will have another read through of the new script, therefore, the aim will be to get this finished.

The main issue with our script is the lack of interaction between Olivia and the fairy tale characters. Olivia seems to know that characters such as Peter Pan are part of a story, but she shouldn’t know that because she doesn’t read. Therefore, we have now changed it so that the fairy tale characters say their line “If only more children would read, so many stories could have been freed!”, followed by Olivia telling them that she doesn’t know the story. Before, she would say that line before the rhyme so it would not make sense. Another issue was that Olivia appeared to know straight away that she had to read the book, but wasn’t given any instructions. Now,  we have added more interaction with Olivia and the characters by the fairy tale characters telling her to read it before asking the audience.

Because this is going to be performed to a Key Stage 1 audience, we need to make sure that we keep everything as simple as possible. One issue that was raised was the character Peter Pan coming from the story Peter Pan, if we ask where that character comes from, they may get confused that the character is the same name as the story and may not want to say Peter Pan.

Overall, our script is 8 minutes long and our piece needs to be at least 20 minutes, therefore, a major thing we need to work on is expanding all of the scenes. This can be done by having more interaction with the characters who can explain more of what Olivia has to do in order to save them.


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