Task 6: Devising T.I.E Pieces and Workshop

After our presentations, we were then placed into two different groups for our acting pathway. The groups are as followed:

We were then able to go away and start coming up with ideas for our final T.I.E piece, we started off by looking at topics within English that we could use. The first idea spoken about was the use of books and specifically, the use of Fairy Tales. We decided to use Fairy Tales instead of other books because we believed that our audience would have been more likely to have read them and will be aware of them. This would be important to us because we plan on using audience participation to ask questions about different Fairy Tale characters.

In terms of the scenes and characters, we thought of scenes first and added characters to the scenes. For our characters, we decided that for now, we will not multi-role, meaning that there will be five characters:

  • Olivia/Little Red Riding Hood (played by Lou)-The main protagonist who must help the fairy tale characters get back to their own story. She will dream about being in the woods and become Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Fairy Godmother (played by myself)- Is met by Olivia/Red Riding Hood and is looking for Cinderella.
  • Two bears (played by Jack and James)- Based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, two of the bears are lost in the forest looking for the third bear.
  • Red Queen (played by Emma)- From Alice In Wonderland, we are undecided on her motive at the moment.

These characters are put in order of scenes that they will appear in, we created a rough storyboard of our idea with characters:


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