Task 5: Presentation of Ideas

After completing the research in the previous task, I looked at the subjects and the topics that I had researched and decided on science. In particular, I have decided to base my presentation on the topic: ‘Animals, Including Humans’.

In order to present my ideas, I used a PowerPoint presentation while speaking attached below:


Here is my presentation below (number 15 in the playlist):

In terms of my presentation, I was able to present my ideas through to my audience and although I had notes, I still looked to the camera and to my audience. However, to improve, I feel I could have prepared what I was going to say a lot better because I often failed to look at my notes and therefore had to look up to the PowerPoint in case I had skipped something. In terms of presentation skills, I felt that I sometimes got my words mixed up and the clarity of my voice could have improved. Despite that, I tried to speak at a high volume where everyone could hear me.

I felt that I was able to meet the criteria in my presentation and had idea for each part in terms of the educational objective, budget, design, audience involvement and learning materials. To improve, I could have perhaps explained the budget in more detail, instead, I spoke about ideas which I then stated would keep the budget low but I could have talked about what would have raised it and why those ideas would therefore not work. I wanted to ensure that I had a clear learning objective to present and although I had it on the PowerPoint, I didn’t explain it too well and felt that I was trying to recite it too much.

Other presentations

The other presentations from the acting pathway were ranged in terms of the subject, English, Maths, History and PHSE were other subjects that students presented their ideas on.

One presentation that was relevant to my subject overall was Josh Ely’s, who looked at a performance on the topic of materials. I thought his idea of a game as an activity where there were three objects placed down of different materials and the students would have to pick the object that for example, was made of wood was clever. We will then be able to have audience involvement and instead of telling them facts for them to recite, they will be able to interact instead of sitting down the whole time, which may get them to remember. Overall, he was very prepared with his presentation and had clear ideas for both Key Stages, however, I did notice that at times, he relied on the cards in his hands to get the information out instead of fully engaging with the audience.

Beth Easdown: Beth based her idea on Maths from a lesson on Thursday 20th October but slightly tweaked to avoid confusion with the students, this was a piece that I really enjoyed doing so I was happy to see this idea brought up as a possibility to create for our final piece. Despite this, I got a bit confused about what major changes she had made to the piece we previously devised except for when Isabella meets other people on the way back who had shapes stolen from her. In terms of her presentation, there was too much information on the PowerPoint and because there was so much information on some of the slides, I zoned out and didn’t read all of it.

Harry Ladell: Harry was able to present his ideas very well and it was clear that he had put a lot of thought into his idea and presentation. He took inspiration from the lesson on the 20th October but was able to turn it into his own idea. Although he had a large sheet of paper which I was unable to read, he still explained each point on there which I liked, if all the information was already on there, he wouldn’t need to explain anything. I really liked the idea of going into a different, magical universe as this will be something that can really excite young children.

Lou Rowe: Lou was the only person who used English as her subject, which I didn’t really think about too much for my own. I think that Lou explained her idea of using 5 poems for her piece really well and took into consideration how many of us would be in a group, which I forgot to mention. She was very clear with her voice and knew what she was saying and didn’t need any notes which allowed her to connect with us. I also really liked her idea on visual poetry as the students would not have to sit down during the whole performance and we could really interact with them as each of us could take a small group of students and work with them.

James Ingram: I was able to get the concept of James’s idea with St Edmund as it is such an important part of our local history of Bury St Edmunds. However, I got confused as his presentation went on about what his actual idea was and I don’t think it was explained as clearly as it could have. I also think there was perhaps too much content in his idea which crossed over, such as St Edmund and the Vikings. Finally, he had a lot of sheets of paper in his hand and it meant that he was often looking through the paper instead of engaging with all of us.

Emma Croft: Emma took inspiration from what she learned when she was at school, Florence Nightingale. She took into consideration the fact that there would be 5 in a group so had thought through which characters would be needed. She was very clear and loud with her voice but often looked down at her notes. She didn’t put her idea into detail but because these are initial ideas, it is something that we could definitely work with if this idea is chosen.

Jack Taylor-Balls: Jack had a very clear view of his idea and where he wanted to go with it, his power point provided a lot of information which was then developed. I liked the idea of comparing the two periods in a piece and that it combined two topics. He also took into consideration the budget, which quite a few others didn’t include in their presentation. In terms of his presentation skills, he was clear and loud so we understood what he was saying.

Leah Smith: Leah was unable to speak during her presentation so had someone else to speak for her, Sian then repeated everything which was already on the presentation Leah had created so we didn’t need her to say anything, there was also a lot on there so it couldn’t be developed. Although I liked her idea, it felt that it would be complicated to do in terms of costume and set. Presentation wise, there was a lot of information which was skipped and then brought back afterwards so I feel it could have been rehearsed better.

Daytona Florian: Daytona chose a subject which is a massive part of children’s lives and can cause damage. I really liked her idea of a cyber bullying piece not just because it is part of the curriculum but others could relate to and might relate to in the future if the effects are not properly looked at. We talked afterwards as a group that we would use a fake social media website though. Daytona was clear with her voice and connected well with us when discussing her idea.


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