Task 10 Reflective Journal: Monday 30th January (Set Drawings)

Now that we have started blocking ‘Olivia and the Disappearing Stories’, we now need to start looking at how we can decorate the set. Therefore, the aim for our session today is to have rough ideas down for how we can draw the set. We have decided that we are going to buy some white bed sheets to cover the railing we have got and paint that in our settings: the bedroom, the school yard and the magical forest.

We assigned each design onto members of the group to ensure everyone had something to do. Myself and James started designing the bedroom, Emma and Jack were to design the school yard and Lou was going to design the magical forest. For the bedroom, I wanted the design to be simple, however, enough to represent a young girl’s bedroom. The colours I instantly thought of for the room was pink, therefore, my first thoughts were light pink walls and because we are going to have curtains, those dark pink. As we will be having blocks to represent the bed during scenes between Olivia and her mother, I thought of having a window with curtains not yet drawn back, therefore, the window can have a view of the night sky with stars.

James then thought of the idea for the window to have a cross in them, as this could then create a cartoon atmosphere from the setting. As I was drawing the window, I thought that as that would take up much of the space, the top of the curtains could leave a gap at the top of the wall to allow wall stickers. I had different ideas for these wall stickers, first, I saw a pattern by Cath Kidston, then the possibility of a unicorn, which I drew out separately and finally, butterflies. In the end, I didn’t want to overcrowd the top of the wall and I thought it would be better to have something simple, therefore, I drew the butterflies on a separate design afterwards.

Image result for cath kidston flower wall stickers
Wall Sticker Design Idea
My drawing for a design idea
My design for the window

After we drew out the first design, I then drew a separate design afterwards for a final idea, which was approved by everyone else in the group. I felt that Emma and Jack were also creative with their idea for the school yard, using graffiti as well as numbers and letters. I was not sure which colours they were planning to use, however, for a school for a performance to young children, I would like to see them multi coloured and bright. I also drew some letters in bubble writing for ideas for them to use:

With Lou’s design, her design of the magical forest had to include some of the items which Olivia describes during the performance. For me, this is important as it will be able to help our young audience visualise the magical forest, however, there won’t be a large amount so they can imagine what other aspects of the forest look like.

In conclusion, I was happy to see that the designs were completed, with the first draft of the bedroom on A4, I was not too happy with the design, which is what led me to do a second design. The next task for our group will be to go and buy the white bed sheets, which we can then start attaching to the rail and then getting the set drawn and painted.