Task 11: Final Workshop Idea

After talking with Erica, we have decided to abandon the one word story game, this is because we are not sure if the Key Stage 1 children will be very responsive to the task. There is a risk that they could go off topic and say something inappropriate or it may take too long with thirty or sixty children. Therefore, she suggested that we do a game of bingo, putting in the names of all of the characters used in the performance, we can then describe the characters, then they can guess and cross out that character.

We also have a second task planned, which is on the other side on the paper we give them, we are going to give the children to task to draw out their favourite story character from the performance. The five of us will then go around the room, asking them about their drawing and why they chose that character. This will keep the story fresh in their minds and they can then discuss these fairy tale characters.

Here are the bingo sheets:


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