Task 10/11: Reflective Journal: Monday 23rd January

After the lesson last week with Lynn about tips for our T.I.E workshop, the purpose of this session was to take on those tips and to start coming up with ideas. By the end of the session, we would have liked to have created a rough idea on the 30 minute workshop.

We are aware that we will only have 30 minutes and some of that time will be taken on getting the children into groups. First of all, we were thinking of doing the one work story game with everyone, this would involve getting everyone into a circle. We would then either allow them to start with whatever they wish, or give them a theme. We would then go round in a circle a one person adds one word to create their own story. This would probably take between 10 and 15 minutes as we need to get everyone into a circle.

For the next activity we have decided to set the groups up depending on the audience numbers on the day. For example, if the group is small (around 30), then we will get them in groups of 10, however, another option would be to get them into five groups of 6, this would then allow one T.I.E member for each group. However, if the group is larger, then we would most likely put them into smaller groups. For this activity, we were planning on writing down stories on different pieces of paper, putting them in a hat so each group then has to pick one. Depending on the time left, they will then have to devise freeze frames to tell the story, which others can then guess. However, we will mention that we might only be able to show 1 or 2 of the pieces, which Lynn recommended.

One other idea that was mentioned was to talk to our audience afterwards and do a show recap with them. We would ask them what they thought of the performance and questions about the stories involved within the piece, however, this would be our backup option if for some reason we are unable to do the previous two.

We talked through our ideas from the session at the end when we had a recap:

In conclusion, we took on the tips that Lynn gave up last week in terms of getting into groups, doing the more complicated activity last and mentioning that we will only be able to show one or two. We were able to work well as a team to meet the aim of the session in order to get these ideas and can now look at taking them further.