Task 10 Reflective Journal: Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th February- Painting Set

Now that we have blocked ‘Olivia and the Disappearing Stories’ and rehearsed, we can now split time between rehearsing even more and getting the set finished. Earlier in the week, we had brought the materials we needed to draw the set on, meanwhile, now myself, Emma, Lou and Jack have drawn the set, we can now paint. Therefore, the aim is to have one side of the material painted as the forest and the other as the bedroom.

Last Monday, we got together as a group to design ideas for the flats, because we will only have two, we are no longer having the school yard. Instead, we have decided that the original scene between Katie and Olivia will now be in Olivia’s bedroom. This has an impact on my line “You’ve barley spoken since you’ve got home”, I have now changed it to “You’ve barely spoken since Katie left”.

For the forest scenery, we are taking Lou’s design but adapting it slightly so it does not involve the lollipop, meaning most of the space will be the tree. At first there were not enough paint brushes for our group, so Lou and Emma started painting the set, but the rest of us were soon able to join in. I took the responsibility with Emma and Lou to paint the leaves whilst James and Jack painted the tree trunk, sky and grass. We knew that the leaves were going to be purple from the script, but we didn’t want them all to be the same shade, so Lou and Emma painted some a lavender colour, while I painted with a deeper purple, the leaves could also be more distinctive through this method.

We all had to be aware of the space we were working on, not cutting in front of others and painting over their part or making them lose concentration, which we were able to do. We all worked well as a team to get this done, agreeing with colour questions such as the brightness of the grass or what time of day we have decided (day time).

After letting the paint dry, Lou then added more detail to the leaves, painting a black outline to properly distinguish the leaves. She also added other specific details which match our scripts, starting with the butterfly, seen below:

Finally, Lou also started to paint the bedroom, taking inspiration from my drawing and idea of having the walls pink. It is slightly different as there are now purple curtains, however, I think this creates a good clash of colours which would be thought of for a young girl.

In conclusion, now that we have a set painted, we can now continue to rehearse, but this time, we can add the set. This will be vital in rehearsals as any of the scene changes involve changing the set around, we need to get used to this to see if it will prove any difficulty. If there are any issues then we can think of solutions before the final performance to primary schools.