Task 10 Reflective Journal: Tuesday 24th January (Costume, Props and Set)

As we have not discussed our set with Erica for a while and both drama T.I.E groups would have a lesson together, the purpose of this session was to talk through what we had planned for the set, props and costume. This would then give us the chance to see if there is anything else that we still need to get. Therefore, by the end, we should have a final list of everything we will be using for a performance.


I have already decided on what I will be using for my costume, I wanted to be casual for the mother but still look like a character in her mid 30’s. My costume currently will be blue denim jeans, a peach coloured top and a white cardigan with black flats. Another idea presented to me was a brown mid length skirt and a white blouse, however, as we have a low budget, I was struggling to find anything within a reasonable price range, therefore, for now I will stick to what I originally planned. It will be my responsibility to bring in this costume and to try it on to show my group. In terms of everyone else’s costume, there are items that we still need to buy. In order to full distinguish James’s wolf and bear costume, although the bear will be brown clothing and the wolf grey, we have decided to buy a bear and wolf nose. In addition to this, we were also planning to have a tail for the wolf, something that not everyone in the group was convinced with, but I feel that if we can get one, it will be a helpful addition.

Emma and Lou will both have a scene which is set in a school, meaning that they will both need to have school uniforms. To get this, we were planning on getting uniforms from a website as there will be more variety and will more likely be cheaper. Emma will then have a second costume which is a Tinkerbell costume, there are two options for Emma, she has said that she can either borrow a costume, but if this is not possible, then she will buy one online. There will also be the issue of getting wings for the costume, however, we have decided that we will get wings separately and sew them onto a costume, even if they have elastic straps on them. Lou also has a second costume, which is pyjamas for when she is at home and in the magical forest, it was decided in this session that she was going to find a large shirt to wear as Olivia. As well as that, she has also told us that she will bring in a red blanket to have as a duvet and to wear as Little Red Riding Hood.

The final costume we have to decide on is how Jack will be dressing as Peter Pan, we originally thought of doing the same as Tinkerbell and buying a Peter Pan costume. However, a more affordable option will be to buy a white t-shirt and dying it green, I think that this will also be quicker as we are not certain that we can find one that fits and can be delivered on time.


The only prop that we currently have is the iPad case which Emma as Katie will bring on the stage, we were then able to create a list in this session of what we still needed to get:

  • Magic book which would be similar to Disney:
  • Image result for fairy tale book
  • Wallpaper to put around the book, we would then be able to make it more suitable top children and have a magical design.
  • Basket with food
  • Story book for the mother
  • Rope to tie the wolf


We had already decided early on that we would be using flaps which would have painted designs, we have a rail, however, this will need to have something covered over it to allow the set to be painted. We discussed having a white bed sheet which we will cut up to size and place over, with paintings of the set on each side. I think this will be the most efficient method of getting the set completed, so we can now look at getting a white sheet next week.

We need to take into consideration that we only have a budget of £30 for each group, therefore, we need to budget costumes, props and set, therefore, I think that if we can make as much as we can, it will allow us to stay within budget. We were able to achieve what we wanted to in the session and we now have a complete list of everything we need for the piece. We can now work together to ensure that we get everything together and tick each item off. My main responsibility will be to get the costume sorted for the mother.