Task 10 Reflective Journal: Thursday 9th February- Dress Rehearsal

As we will be performing our T.I.E piece next week, the purpose of this meeting was to run through Olivia and the Disappearing Stories in all of our costumes. We can now look at how we will change costumes during the performance and if there are any issues, we can resolve. The aim is to run it a couple of times and to try to make the changes in this rehearsal.

We ran through the performance once and there were some issues, for me, I need to remember to keep the book on stage after the 5th scene. If I don’t, then Lou as Olivia can’t read the book at the end before I come on to read her Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I am responsible for this. A problem I keep having though is that I keep forgetting to put the book there, I must ensure that I do this for the actual performance.

The main issue we had during the first run through of the day was where we were positioned while not performing. I don’t think that all of us standing behind the set works because it is small, I found myself ducking down and I am worried that our audience may see us. Another issue I have had is that I tend to get distracted or cause distraction by communicating with others in my group backstage, this would put me in an unstable mind set for the performance. We discussed this afterwards and decided to trial putting chairs at the back beside the set, two chairs on each side which anyone who was not performing on stage would sit on. When it was our turn to go on stage, we would simply enter and then exit in character, we tried this the second time, which although I messed up on at first, as seen in the video, it got easier as the run went on. I found this to make the performance more calm and easy, there was no backstage panic and the costume changes were a lot more simple for Emma, Jack and James.

Because of the run with costume changes, we realised that Emma would not be able to change the set,as well as this, if she turns it, the audience will see her as Tinkerbell before her first appearance, giving it away, therefore, because I am not in the magical world, I am going to take on the responsibility.

Here is the recorded run, which was our second run of the day:

In conclusion, making the changes with the set was the biggest change we made during the rehearsal, it made it seem a lot more professional and calmer. Things I need to take on from this rehearsal is to remember to keep the fairy tale book on stage behind the block and to not have anything in the way when turning the set, if I don’t, the transition will be less smooth.


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