Task 10 Reflective Journal: Thursday 2nd February (Rehearsal and Set Making)

The schedule for Thursday mornings for the past couple of weeks have been rehearsing for Olivia and the Disappearing Stories with Erica. This again is the purpose for the session this morning and now that we have made final changes to the script over the past two rehearsals, the aim is to get these changes into the piece. We would also like to have a full run through without stopping, this for me is important because we need to see if the changes we made fit into the piece, we can then see if our piece flows.

We were able to meet our aim and run through the piece without stopping, with the changes. I felt that this run was smooth, the changes and additions of the Peter Pan and Olivia speeches along with the changes to the ending scene help make the piece make a lot more sense. I think that our audience will now have a better understanding of why Olivia was chosen to defeat the wolf: someone who knew the story, loved reading and had red hair. Quick costume changes will also no longer be a problem with Jack as Peter explaining why Olivia was chosen and also Lou as Olivia, explaining that the wolf is getting stronger after helping the two bears.

I attempted to do the run through without my script, the main issue I am having with line learning currently is scene 3 after Olivia tells her mother, Imogen she does not want a story told to her. I am currently getting the lines mixed up at different times, I know that if I do this, it will effect Lou’s performance in the piece as well. Therefore, my priority has to be line learning. Erica has also given us a deadline for all of us to be off book, which will be for next Thursday. To achieve this, I will try to go over the piece with my group before the next rehearsal and also take some time as a group to go over the lines.

One major point which was given to all of us was our characterisation, we all need to add much more to our characters and work on them. Although I have created a back story to my character, I don’t think I took full advantage of this, therefore, I need to ensure that I keep this in mind as well as what her personality is like. I wanted her to be a kind hearted character, passionate about reading, but stern when it comes to Olivia wanting to go on her iPad. I also took note from Lynn’s lesson about looking out to the audience a lot to engage,  but I still think I can go further and look at the audience more, this was also a general note given to all of us.

Afterwards, we started work on creating the set, we now have the bed sheets which we can add to the rail. I was about to start drawing the window, but an issue occurred, there was the likely chance that the cloth would fall off, also with the drawings on, if the sheets slid, we would not have a full set. To solve this problem, we decided that we would stich the whole set to the railing. Emma had the responsibility of doing this, meanwhile, Lou created the magic book using cardboard which we brought along with the sheets, so part of our £30 budget has now gone.

In conclusion, we now have a completed piece which flows, now, we can focus on aspects other than adding or cutting parts of the story. By next week I need to have learned my lines and I want to practice my characterisation. By doing this, we can then just add small matters to the piece. In terms of the set, once the book has been designed, it will then be pained, Lou will be doing this and Emma will be writing ‘Once Upon a Time’ on the book, she will also complete the sewing, which will then allow us to draw on it. We have not yet decided if we are going to draw it on paint it straight on. I think that it will be best if we draw the set first, so we can make changes if we are not satisfied.