Task 10 Reflective Journal: Monday 7th February (Set Making and Costume)

Now that the bed sheets have now been fully stitched onto the railing, we now can focus on drawing the set, which we will then be able to paint. The first scene that we are going to draw is the magical forest with the design idea that Lou had from last Monday. The only massive change we are going to make with the scene is cutting out the pine tree, instead we will have only one large tree. We can take tips from Lynn on board about manipulating the audience and have Lou point out in the distance that there is a pine tree on there.

Myself, Lou, Jack and Emma all took on the responsibility of drawing out the set, I drew the leaves with Emma, Lou drew the trunk along with herself and Jack drawing the flowers and butterflies. We were able to work well as a team to get this set drawn in detail and although the leaves I drew were slightly different to Emma’s, we switched sides to have them mix. Because we drew with pencil, the drawing is not too clear, however, we will be paining the set, which will make it more bold. Lou also started on the bedroom, taking my idea which I drew last week, however, one change is that we decided to have the curtains closed. Although I was not sure about this idea at first, I realised that if Olivia is getting into bed, her curtains would be drawn anyway, it can also give us an opportunity to have patterns drawn all over the curtains. We have decided that they will be something simple, flowers.

Here is the set:



Costume Update

Today I brought in my costume idea for the mother, which was approved by everyone else in the group, to add to my costume however, I am going to have slippers to add to a comfortable and homely feel to the piece.

Now that the costume has been sorted, I can then rehearse in it to get more into my character, just as everyone else who has brought in costume. The only things we need to solve now are the school uniforms and grey clothing for James as the wolf. Along with that, we will start painting the set tomorrow with what we have planned, we also need to see if the paint shows through to the other side, this could be a problem as we don’t want purple leaves showing through onto the bedroom.