Task 10 Reflective Journal: Monday 20th February- Problem Solving

Earlier this morning, we had a meeting with Erica to talk through our plans for Wednesday where we will be performing at our first primary school. The purpose of this meeting was to note down anything that we still needed to do in terms of the props and to see if there are any problems in terms of transport with the props and set. We would therefore still have time to do any uncompleted tasks and think of any solutions.

Costume Issues

One issue that we were aware of were the finishing costumes for the bears and the wold. Wolf ears have been ordered and are due to arrive tomorrow, so this should not be an issue, however, the bear ears may not arrive until Wednesday, which provides a risk that they will not arrive in time. To solve this problem, we are going to make some ears as a backup in case the  others do not arrive on time. This will be done by getting some hairbands, cutting ear shapes from cardboard and sticking pink or white on them to look like ears, similar to this:

Image result for diy bear ears


Another issue which rose costume wise was James’s wolf costume, he originally had the idea of wearing a grey onesie. However, we all had reservations about this as the wolf is a villain, who would not be taken seriously as one if he wore one. A solution to this was risen quickly, there are already grey suit jackets from a previous show, which James will be able to wear, he would then wear the trousers he has for the bear as well.

Set Issues

Originally, we thought that we would have a van which we could put our set in, but we have found out that instead, we will only have what we can get, which for us, is a car. This will be a problem with the set we have made as we have stitched bed sheets all around a tall rail, which will not fit in the car we have. We had to go away and think about how we can adapt this to make sure it fits in the car. The only option we could think of was to undo all of the side stitching and what we had sewn in the middle, leaving the stitching at the bottom so although it will still be attached to the railing, we can slide it off so that we can take off the top railing. The other issue is our block which although will be very heavy, should fit into the car.

We have videoed our solved problem below:

In conclusion, although the meeting proved that we had issues which had to be dealt with, they were not drastic. In the meeting and the our afterwards, we were able to come up with solutions which have not disrupted our piece at all. The tasks which we need to get on with now before Wednesday is to finish painting Olivia’s set and to make the bear ears.