Task 10: Reflective Journal 11th and 12 January

After our second rehearsed reading, we were given feedback on how we could improve, which was written along with the recording of the reading. The purpose of these sessions was to work on the feedback given and add that to the script to ensure it is a suitable Theatre In Education piece to tour to primary schools. The T.I.E tour is on the week commencing 20th February so the aim for this week is to have the script completely finished so we can therefore go onto the rehearsal process.

One of the first pieces of feedback we were given was to add a scene at the beginning where Olivia could introduce the piece. This would ensure that there isn’t any confusion with the story regarding the fairy tale characters disappearing. However, when our group discussed this idea, we felt it would be better to have Peter Pan introducing the piece as his character can reach out to the children and is a character already involved in the situation.

While writing the prologue, we decided to add some interaction with our young audience as this was also something that we needed to address. To solve this, we put in questions asking:

  • If they like to read.
  • What they enjoy reading
  • What their favourite characters are.

Along with that, another issue we had to solve was what the audience were going to come out of the performance having learned, we needed an outcome. We always had the idea from the beginning that the objective of the piece was to encourage children to read more, however, we never made that clear. Therefore, we wrote down that the objective was to: Encourage children to read more on their own and with their parents or guardians to broaden their imaginations.

A final change we made based off our second reading was the use of words put in the performance. There are some words that our audience may not understand and have different meanings, the main example for this is “lame”. We used this word twice in the original script and changed the lines to: “You still get your mum to read you bedtime stories? That’s so babyish!”. As well as that, it was commented that the use of Olivia getting confused at certain words that our audience would should be expanded. If we do this, then it can relate to an audience who also wouldn’t be able to understand or pronounce those words yet. We already had “Jealous” and “Familiar”, but we’re also adding Olivia getting confused at “Cautious”, we didn’t want to have any more than three at the risk of it being a joke that drags too much.

In conclusion, we have been able to take on the feedback given to refine the script and make changes which would make more sense to the learning objective. On Monday, all groups will again be meeting up to discuss changes and talk through what has been changed since the second reading.