Second Rehearsed Reading

As there were many changes that had to be made to the Theatre In Education pieces, there were concerns that the pieces were struggling to be suitable to tour to primary schools. Therefore, a second rehearsed reading took place on Monday 9th January to see if we have taken on the feedback given previously to expand on our piece. The main pieces of feedback for our piece was to expand it, something we have done with the addition to Katie, who was only mentioned originally. We have also took on from previous research on other fairy tale characters, other than Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears to make more references to tales that children may know and are in the syllabus. For example, we have added mentions of ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘Captain Underpants’ and ‘Cinderella’.

After making changes to our piece, here is the second rehearsed reading:

Following the reading, we were then given feedback on how can develop our piece even more. At the moment, there is the feeling that despite us having a learning objective to help broaden children’s imagination and encourage them to read, that is changing through the piece. Instead, it starts to purely focus on the wolf taking all of the fairy tale characters, therefore, to improve it further, we are going to re-evaluate what our learning objective is to ensure it sticks through the entire piece.

There are also certain words within the script that will need replacing, particularly the word “lame”. This is because it can have two meanings which may confuse the audience, it is also a word that a Key Stage 1 audience may not understand fully. Instead, we will think of changing “lame” to words such as “uncool” or “boring”. However, as well as replacing words, there are also words that we can play with. In the current script, the word “jealous” is played with as Olivia can’t pronounce it, this was brought up in the feedback and was received positively. Advice we were given after the reading was to add more of these words, to do this, we will look through the script at words which may be simple for us, but slightly complicated for someone of Olivia’s age of 7.

In conclusion, there are changes that must be made this week in our piece to ensure that it makes sense and so we are able to make it a piece suitable to tour to primary schools. We had the comment that it is promising and these adaptations can improve it further. In terms of my character through the piece, I still feel that I can go further as the mother and create more interaction with Olivia. To do this, in terms of interaction, I will do actions such as putting my arm around Lou, having a calmer tone of voice and keeping that eye contact with her.


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