Reflective Journal: Tuesday 8th/Wednesday 9th November

Tuesday 8th November 2016

After completing our presentations last Thursday, Erica then decided which subjects we would focus our pieces on and decide our groups. The two topics decided were: English and Maths. For our final T.I.E project, I will be in a group with Emma Croft, Jack Taylor-Balls, Lou Rowe and James Ingram, focusing on English.

Now that we have been placed in our groups, the purpose of this session was to go away and start thinking of an idea and a structure. By the end of the session we need to be able to share our idea and how we plan on carrying this initial idea out.

We sat together and thought about topics within English and which would be suitable to perform in terms of the curriculum. Emma raised the idea of using stories in our piece and in particular, fairy tales, the first idea she told us was very similar to a piece we looked at and watched in a previous session, the Magic Book which was performed last year. She mentioned a girl falling into a book and meeting different characters, although we liked the idea, we knew we had to decide on something that was our own. Lou then brought up the idea of a young girl being in a library and a pile of books fell on the floor, I then thought this could create the story all the characters have fallen into the bottom book and need help getting back. It was then suggested that this wouldn’t be done in the young girl’s life, instead, she would be dreaming that all of the characters have mistakenly fallen into one book.

We wouldn’t be able to develop the story further until we had thought of story characters to put into our piece. As we are aiming our piece at Key Stage 1, we looked online at the books which will be looked at, however, they were stories that we had not heard much of and if we are performing to different schools, not all of the chosen books would be the same, meaning some children could get confused at the story. Because of this, we wanted to avoid using the books and focus on fairy tales that children would know and can talk about. The other reason was that we wanted audience participation where we would ask the students questions about the character to help them get back to their own story, there could therefore be the danger that no one or very little people would be able to answer. The purpose of our piece will focus on fairy tales and the importance of reading.

The initial ideas we decided on for characters and their situation was:

  • Olivia/Little Red Riding Hood (played by Lou)
  • Fairy Godmother (played by myself)
  • Two bears (played by Jack and James)
  • Red Queen (played by Emma)

This was as far as we had gotten in terms of ideas before going back and sharing our idea with everyone else. While we were able to explain our idea, there was slight confusion about the motive of the piece, therefore, before Thursday we need to discuss why these characters are lost in her dreams.

We also heard from the group of students focusing on Maths who have decided to keep with Beth Easdown’s idea from her presentation from the lesson on the 20th October. They appear to have a structure and have created an objective so I will be interested to see how this develops and changes from the last time we devised it.

Overall, we were able to concentrate and work well as a team to come up with an idea very quickly. There were very few disagreements which meant we could therefore carry on and get a solid idea down to share. The focus now needs to turn onto the structure, we were talking about writing down the idea scene by scene so we can develop it further.

Wednesday 9th November 2016

The purpose of this session with everyone from year 2 was for everyone to split into our groups and continue with developing our ideas. As discussed yesterday, we decided to create a storyboard to know what would be happening in each scene.

After drawing out the storyboard, we have already started to make adjustments to the piece, at first, we were going to have all of the characters together at the end. For example, the Fairy Godmother would appear first and while looking for Cinderella, they would run into the two bears. However, to add more parts (such as finding the third bear), we decided to solve the mystery within their scene.

We then looked at set and how we could stage this, because we may be performing in small spaces and our transport is a van, we can’t have too much. We thought of using large wooden flats which would have the scenery painted onto them and flipped around with a different design for a new scene. The library would be simple, no background, a table with books and chairs, the chairs could then be made into a bed for Olivia’s bedroom. As we go to the woods, the flats would have trees painted on them and bricks for the house.

We were able to get this information written down onto a storyboard and a list which we can now refer to as our initial idea. Now we can look more into getting a first draft of a script written to see if our idea flows.