Task 7: Reflective Journal: Tuesday 22nd November

As I was not in college yesterday, one of the aims for this session was to be able to catch up with my T.I.E group on what work was done yesterday. Last week, we talked about starting to write rhymes for each Fairy Tale character that Olivia met in her dreams, all but one had been written so the main purpose of the session was to finish the rhyme for the wolf to Olivia as Little Red Riding Hood.

We were able to come up with a rhyme quickly that made sense to the story and was able to defeat the wolf in a way which would be simple for our Key Stage 1 audience to understand. The most difficult part for us was to find a sentence that made sense that would rhyme at the end, however, we all contributed different words, even if it meant slightly changing our sentence. Here are the rhymes that my group created yesterday while I was away:

  • Tink: “Little Red, Little Red, can you help me?
    Peter Pan, Peter Pan, where is he?
    I’m lost, I’m lost, I can’t find my way,
    I’m scared cause it’s near the end of the day.”
  • Tink: “If only more children would read,
    So many stories could have been freed!”
  • Peter Pan: “Tink! Tink! I saw you from the sky,
    We’ve got to go, we’ve got to fly!
    Of we go home, which is Neverland,
    We shall go now, here take my hand!”
  • Bears: “Mummy Bear, Mummy Bear, where are you?
    You’re lost, you’re lost! What shall we do?
    We need to find her before it is night,
    Otherwise the dark will give her a fright!”
  • Bears: “If only more children would read,
    So many stories could have been freed!”
  • Mummy Bear: “Family, family, I am home
    I was scared, I thought I was all alone!
    Now I am back, I have found my way,
    I love you all, forever and a day.”

Meanwhile, here is the final rhyme that we created in todays session:

  • Wolf: “Little Red, Little Red, there you are,
    You can run all you like, but you won’t get far.
    I’ll gobble you up, and swallow you all,
    From your head to your toes, even your shawl.”
  • Wolf: “It’s good that Little Red won’t read,
    Now she will never ever be freed.”
  • Wolf: “Oh no, oh no, don’t throw me in there,
    I cannot swim, this is not fair!”
  • Olivia: “And now the wolf has been swept out to sea,
    I can be home, because he didn’t eat me!”

Now that we have written all of the rhymes, we can now focus on writing everything in between, because we still had time in the lesson, we started writing the first scene between Olivia and her mother. Jack started writing the first scene and we contributed different ideas with the aim to make it clear to the audience that Olivia does not like reading. This is a first draft of the first scene, even though the piece needs to be a certain length overall, we needed to be cautious that we didn’t drag this scene out.
Mum: (off stage) Olivia! Time for bed!
Olivia: But mum!!
Mum: (off stage) I’m coming up to read you a story.
Olivia: But I don’t want a story!
Mum: (come on stage) You need to have a bed time story!
Olivia: (sighs) I don’t like reading!
Mum: But you have to read, so you can learn things!
Olivia: But I’m a big girl now!
Mum: (sighs) Okay then, sleep well. Sweet dreams.
Olivia: Night mum.
Mum: Goodnight (beat), big girl.
(Mum exits and then returns to see Olivia asleep. She sighs, and kisses her on the forehead)

The aim now for the next T.I.E session is to continue writing and move onto Olivia in her dreams. On Thursday, we will be showing Erica what we have written so far so the aim is to get as much written tomorrow as possible.



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