Reflective Journal: 20th October

Last week, we were put into two groups and given a topic where we then had to devise a short performance in relation to T.I.E. This week we continued with the purpose of devising a piece in relation to the commission with the aim to produce something with the learning outcome given to both groups: How to identify a square, a triangle and a circle and how to do very basic addition and subtraction.

Before going off into groups, we learned more about the different narrative devices we could use which will also be helpful when creating out final piece: a story, songs, narration, poetry and a quest. I was put in a group with Beth, Josh and Leah, straight away, we decided to create a story in a magical world. Before going any further, we needed to work out how we would put the learning objective in with the story. To do this, we decided to have the three shapes mentioned in the brief where many of them would be stolen. The story wasn’t developed much further until we created characters, we couldn’t make it too complicated as there were only four of us in a group. We also didn’t want too many multi-roles as this could be complicated for a young audience.

We decided that the characters and who would play would be:

  • Beth: Isabella, who was given a special triangle (contains the power of the Kingdom) from her grandmother.
  • Leah: The grandmother and the detective who would help Isabella search for the triangle after it was stolen.
  • Josh: The villain who steals shapes and stole the special triangle
  • Myself: The silly side-kick to the villain who defects sides.

Although we will have much more time to devise our final T.I.E piece, timing was a massive issue with us with this task. One reason for this was that we kept going over the beginning and every time we blocked something new, we would go over everything again. Although this will be good, it made me realise how important time management will be throughout the project to ensure everything is written and rehearsed properly to ensure our piece is at the highest standard. We ended up improvising the second half of the performance but because we already had a structure, we knew what we were going to do.

In terms of my performance, I need to be certain on my character as it dropped towards the end, possibly because we had to improvise. I felt my voice change pitch, at the beginning it was low but it became higher. I know for the future that this is something I need to work on and keep the character consistent.

Despite having to improvise the end, we were able to perform something which met the learning objective, we made sure that we spoke about shapes and repeated important facts about how many sides they had, as well as that, we used three equations (2+2, 3-2 and 5+5). We also had some audience involvement when Beth asked where her triangle had gone and asked them to help with the equations.

Compared to the last session where I was in a group devising a science piece, I felt like I was much more focused on this because I know how quickly the performances will arrive and this task must be taken seriously. Like last week, I was able to work well in a group to create a T.I.E piece.



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