Task 7: Reflective Journal- 16th and 17th November IMPORTANT CHANGES

Wednesday 16th November

During this commission session, our group met up with the purpose to discuss the plot of our story. The aim was to note any plot holes that there may be in our current structure and to think of possible solutions to solve this.

The main issue that was brought up was the use of the Red Queen from Alice In Wonderland. This is because our other characters are protagonists, but the Red Queen is an antagonist. We also thought that not everyone in the audience would be as aware of the Red Queen as the Godmother and bears, especially with males students. We then started to look through other Fairy Tale characters to replace the Red Queen which our audience may be more aware of. Because this was Emma’s character, she decided that she then wanted to play Rapunzel, so our character list now is:

  • Olivia/Little Red Riding Hood
  • Fairy Godmother
  • Two bears
  • Rapunzel

Now that we have sorted this issue out, we can now start focusing on beginning to write a first draft of the script. As Lou was not here today, we decided that we would fill her in on the change and then all together, we can meet up and discuss how we want to write the script. We could either have one person write the script, make it a group effort or devise scenes which we can record and then write up.

Thursday 17th November

This session gave us the opportunity to discuss with Erica our idea so far and any changes we have made. We talked about our progress since we first discussed our idea with her, we then discussed that the story may actually have a negative impact on children and their will to read stories. If the characters are lost after Olivia reading the stories, it may make children believe that they are ruining the character’s lives if they read, therefore discouraging them. In order to prevent this from happening, we decided to create a new storyline with the same characters, but with a structure that will encourage children to read.

The new idea we came up with still involves Olivia dreaming of different characters, however, instead, the characters she meets are disappearing because Olivia refused to read. Instead of the first scene being in the library, it starts in her bedroom with her mother trying to read her a Fairy Tale before she falls asleep. However, Olivia tells her mother that she does not like reading and goes straight to sleep, because of this, she dreams of the same characters that we were going to use previously, but the characters are disappearing.

To describe the changes we have made to the story, we created a presentation with a scene by scene description to give us a structure to then start writing:


We were able to come up with a new structure within the lesson, although we had slight issues with coming up with a story that made sense to Erica, such as what the character’s purposes were for appearing, we were able to solve them quickly and worked well as a team.



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