Monday 20th March: Ideas Sent to Lynn

Based from Emma’s idea of including the song ‘Façade’ from Jekyll and Hyde, this song could be sung by the four councillors/confessors at the beginning of the piece as the 7 pairs of saints and sinners enter the bar. To start, I would suggest some of the pairs already sitting down in the bar, with some entering as the performance begins, with a couple of late comers. The song can start the piece before any of the saints and sinners begin and can send a message to them that there is good and bad within everyone, bringing an equal side to the argument of saints and sinners. I thought this would be played at the beginning rather than the end as I kept in mind the idea that the saints turned sinner whilst the sinners turned saint.
For the 7 pairs, I took the theme of love into consideration and the idea posted that chastity cured lust. Therefore, for this idea, I thought of having Chloe’s Romeo and Juliet dance idea because of the idea that one of the lovers (Romeo) is a demon and the other (Juliet) is an angel. The six remaining pairs would be sat at the bars at the side while the dance took place centre stage.
Abstinence cures gluttony: When it comes to thinking about gluttony and greed, I thought of one idea presented by Josh and his devised piece of someone turning sinner through the use of drugs and alcohol, the greed part coming from the need for more drugs, this character could be in the bar with either a friend or a sibling trying to help them, but he has continuously beaten them, with cuts and bruises showing on their arm and face. However, they are determined not to leave this character and stay by their side to help them. They are in the bar because this character wants to prove that they are changing and can resist drink and drugs. To link with the idea of saint turning sinner, their friend or sibling could see them getting drink, so they confiscate it and drink it, gradually becoming more drunk and violent, telling them exactly how they feel.
Kindness cures envy: When it comes to kindness, I took Zoe’s idea of ‘Take Me to Church’ with saints originally being in a church and the sinners coming in to destroy it. The two leaders could be sat in the bar in the aftermath of the events and their piece starts as they start a fight and the bouncers have to keep them apart. It then continues as a counselling session with a backstory of why the saints are envious of the sinners and causes them to destroy their church. The backstory can then lead onto the two sides clashing in the church. The saints refuse to go down to their level and try to reason with them through kindness to create a truce.
Humility cures pride: For this, I was thinking of putting Harry’s idea of Gollum’s song into the piece. I had two ideas of how this could be performed, the first idea being one person performing the whole song as a monologue to keep the idea of the split personality within someone. This character starts off the performance as a saint full of pride, talking to someone in the bar, but after getting humiliated, is left alone and performs the monologue centre stage.
Charity cures greed: As I have already used the use of alcohol and drugs for gluttony, I have mentioned greed within that piece. Therefore, I wanted something different and having the idea as someone having the greed for money. I took Sophia’s idea of a couple, one being a saint and the other being a sinner, the sinner has recently lost their job and is desperate for money so without their partner knowing, has robbed a house, getting money. He knows the police will be after them so tries to talk her into moving away, he goes to the toilet whilst she thinks about it, she feels that even being with him with all this money is making her a sinner, which leads her to sing ‘Rebel’ by Alyssa Bonagura, which Beth suggested in her presentation. She talks sense into herself and tries to convince him that this is wrong and she will help him turn saint.
Diligence cures laziness: For this idea, I took my own idea of songs from ‘Bad Girls’ into consideration, however, only using one song ‘This is My Life’. I had the idea of devising a scene around this song with there being two characters who have escaped prison and are now hiding in the bar. They have been on the run for around a week and one character is struggling, they believe that they should be given a chance to live their life again, which is why they broke out. This one character is becoming increasingly lazy and debating on giving in to the police. The other escapee begins to sing the song in the bar to provide motivation and convince that they should have a chance to really live. Therefore, although they are both sinners for committing crimes, one is showing more of a saint side by wanting to obey the law and giving into the authorities, the other staying as the sinner to convince them to stay on the run.
Patience cures anger: When thinking of an idea for patience curing anger, I wanted to have two very contrasting characters. I took inspiration from Daytona’s ‘Midsomer Murders’ idea, with two characters having a secret meeting in the corner of the bar. One character is someone impersonating a detective, interrogating the victim’s lover and accusing them of murder. This makes the lover very angry as they had no involvement of the crime, in a twist, the ‘undercover detective’ was actually the murderer and trying to cover his tracks and trying to put the blame on the lover. This is revealed towards the end, leading to this impersonator getting arrested.
I had the idea of linking this murder investigation and the arrest into the Bad Girls sketch and my charity curing greed, with the two prisoners also getting caught and the lover who robbed getting arrested, just as he agrees to change. This could happen towards or at the end of the piece.

One thought on “Monday 20th March: Ideas Sent to Lynn”

  1. Some good theatrical thinking here, Hannah. It would be good to go back and revisit this later in the process to see what stuck, what changed, what didn’t make it, etc. There are some quite complicated ideas – more than the group could probably achieve practically in one show, though. It’s always worth thinking how much it is possible to get the audience to understand in the way of plot twists and character nuances in the space of an evening – (without, of course, being patronising!). You are very thorough and have examined the possibilities with a fine tooth-comb.


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