Marketing: Logo and Blurb Design

As discussed with Lynn and the rest of the acting class, marketing is a very important aspect when it comes to the final performance of ‘Saints and Sinners’. We have to promote the show early, this means that we will have plenty of time for people to get information about the show. They will then have no excuses when it is mentioned a week before the show, if we promote the show too late, then those who would have been able to come may have already made plans. This would be part of our planning duties to design something attractive, yet easy to read.

For the summer Conservatoire EAST brochure, ‘Saints and Sinners’ will be part of he programme so will therefore get a mention. However, we need to have details in the brochure with a brief outline of what the show will be about and who will be performing it. On Wednesday 22nd March, myself, Jack, Lou and Daytona offered to go away and design a logo and a blurb, we all decided collectively to design our own and post them on the ‘Saints and Sinners’ Facebook page, so the whole group can decide on.


My design:

As written in my blog from the 22nd March, the main difficulty for me was finding suitable images which would not cause any copyright issues. In order to overcome this, I used an advance search on Google to filter out any images which would be a problem. This meant that I had to abandon one of my ideas which was fire with a halo on top, as there were no images of halos which I could use. I got the idea of using fire after getting inspiration by a fire font online, I therefore kept with this and through the advanced search, found fire in the shape of a halo. To keep the design simple, I decided on putting ‘Saints and Sinners’ in the centre and leaving it there, with a more fierce font on the sinners to show the different between the two.My designThe only aspect of this particular design was the text is not placed centre in the halo, however, this was a technical fault and the computer crashed. As it is a simple design, it is something which I will be able to re-create, however, because it is simple and combines the two themes, I am happy with this design. I would probably struggle with anything else on Photoshop as it is a programme which I have not used before and was confused at it when first using it, I had to get Lou to help me with some aspects of it.

Jack Taylor-Balls:

Jack created a range of smaller designs which were drawn and later created on Photoshop by Leah Sanders. Here are all of the creations:

For the first drawn design, I was not too sure what the gender symbols were on there fore, however, I like that there is a mix of Saints and Sinners with he glass in the middle. It can then give the public the idea that the show will be set in a bar, so they will gain an idea of the piece without us having to spoil anything. When Leah re-created the two, I preferred the first one without the fire, I feel that the design overall should be simple and adding fire adds slightly too much detail.

The second idea which was also transferred to Photoshop with the ‘SS’ is my personal favourite. With the discussion we had in a session with Lynn in which stamping the audience’s hand with either a red or white symbol relates to this for me and can link in therefore to the final performance. Along with that, it is simple and creates a great contrast which clearly displays the two themes.

There were also two ideas which were not transferred onto Photoshop, he first one of the SS but joined together to make a heart shape is one of my least favourites. This is because when looking at it, I sometimes got confused and completely ignored the fact that it was ‘SS’, more just focusing on the fact that it was a heart shape. Although lust and couples will be in the final performance, there will be other aspects which relate to the seven deadly sins. However, the other design with ‘Saints and Sinners’ written out was an idea which I liked as the title of the piece was displayed clearly, but still sticking to the idea of the large ‘SS’, once again in the two contrasting styles.

Lou Rowe:

Design 6

When I saw Lou’s design, I liked the two themes merging together with the Saint and the fire, however, I saw that Sian Davis commented on the post which mentioned the fact that the picture of the Saint could confuse anyone looking at it. They might then get the impression that the piece is actually about Saints (for example, Saint Andrew) and not about good and evil characters. This is something that I agree with, however, if the image was changed to someone else who is an idea for the final performance, then it could give a taster of what’s to come in the final performance. As we have decided that the performance will be set in a bar owned by Saint Jimmy, the image could be changed to one of him instead.

Emma Croft:

Design 7

Design 8

Emma’s design had also been re-created by Leah on Photoshop and although I wasn’t particularly overwhelmed by Emma’s design, the version which Leah created is one which I really like, along with Jack’s logo of the glass. I was unsure of Emma’s first design because I was not focused on the words, just the colour in the middle which didn’t look to symbolise anything. It was also labelled ‘Sinners and Saints’ which although this still fits within the theme, I have been used to calling it the other way round. What interested me about Leah’s design were the colours placed within the piece, the red in sinners would be the colour which I would have associated for Sinners and hell, meanwhile, pink for saints is a light-hearted and happier colour. The ‘H’ in the middle of this design can be the ‘H’ for either heaven or hell and can indicate that that is where anyone in the club will end up going to by the end of the night.

Daytona Florian:

Design 9

The image above is an image which Daytona drew using inspiration from images she also found online through an advanced Google search. This is an idea which I really liked the look of, however, I thought that for an image for the brochure, it looked to be in a lot of detail, my idea for this was that it would be a simple image. However, for the main programme cover for the performances, I would recommend using either this one or one which Leah and Harry put on Photoshop, shown below:

Design 10

Design 11 (Harry)
Idea adapted by Harry Ladell
Design 12 (Leah)
Final adaptation by Leah Sanders

Out of the ones which were designed from Daytona’s original drawing, I preferred Harry’s, it includes an idea created by Jack which I would like to see in the final design. Although I liked Leah’s adaptation, I felt that the ‘Sinners’ wing looked out of place, preferring what Harry had chosen to do. As well as that, I felt that the glowing symbol was slightly too much and takes the attraction away from the two wings.

Beth Easdown:

Beth was the last member of the group to submit an idea, this one is a different design to what everyone else, including myself had suggested.

Design 13

This design also includes the cocktail glass, which has become a common theme through the designs, as it is the most popular amongst most of the group, including myself. As this was put in our ‘Saints and Sinners’ Facebook page, we had the opportunity to comment. My first impression on the logo was that the design would be a perfect design to put forward to use for the show. However, I wouldn’t have this for the brochure, instead, I would have it as the club logo for the performance night which could also go on drinks menus if we decide to create those. By the time I had put my comment on, others had already posted a similar view, which I agreed with, Lynn had also suggested having it as a projection in the theatre for the bar on the actual performance night, which I would like to see. It is simple and clearly states what the bar is, with white and red included in it to show both the direction of heaven and hell. The conversation about this design is below:

In conclusion, there have been a wide range of ideas for the brochure logo, overall, as I prefer to go with something simple, my preferred ideas for the design would be two of Jacks. These are the ‘SS’ design and the cocktail glass within the devil head.

Blurb Ideas:

In order for those reading the new summer brochures to get an insight to what the ‘Saints and Sinners’ performance is about, we will need to write a small description. It can only be short as a long description will not fit onto the brochure, there will be other events happening which will also need to be advertised, as well as that, we do not want to give too much about the performance away.

Lynn Whitehead (21st March) “There’s a club at the end of the road and all human life meets there…but which direction will they turn at closing time? The second year Performing and Production Arts students have all worked together for their final assessment show to bring you a night in that notorious venue, ‘Saints and Sinners'”

Lou Rowe (22nd March) “If every saint has a part, and every sinner has a future, what happens when they all get drunk in the club at the end of the road? The year two Production and Performing Arts have come together, to tell the tales of the holy virtues and deadly sins. Saints and Sinners is an open club, the bar is always open, and all are welcome…”

Beth Easdown (23rd March) “Welcome to Saint Jimmy’s, the club at the end of the road where anything goes; where every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. But who knows what will happen by the end of the night, will they leave the same people they came in? The second year Performing and Production Arts students have all worked together for their final assessment show to bring you a night in that notorious venue, based on ‘Saints & Sinners'”.

Daytona Florian (26th March) “The year 2 Performing and Production Arts students have come together t present to you their final assessment ‘Saints and Sinners’. Whether you’re a sinner or a saint, Saint Jimmy’s nightclub will determine your fate. Step inside and see what is in sore, we don’t want to leave you behind at the door. Who knows what will happen by the end of the night, so sit back, enjoy and hold on tight”.

Lynn Whitehead (28th March) “Saint Jimmy’s is the club at the end of the road where anything goes; where every saint would reveal a past and every sinner could reveal a future. The second year Performing and Production Arts students invite you to come along and join them there for an evening of dance, song, confessions and revelations”.

Following Lynn’s original suggestion of a blurb, other people then began to create their own, the two which were my favourite were Beth’s idea and Lynn’s second writing. What I liked about Beth’s was that she used ideas that we had suggested in sessions about Saint Jimmy, however, I know that some of these were created before this discussion. Meanwhile, for Lynn’s, I had contributed my thoughts to the blurb idea on Facebook where other people were also discussing it, saying that I liked how it hints to what had been previously discussed about some of the saints turning sinner and the sinners turning saints. As for the others, I was not too keen on Daytona’s idea as I felt that the rhyming did not fit with what we were trying to do and I also prefer the idea of the description of the show first, then explaining who will be taking part. I also preferred Beth and Lynn’s second idea as they were slightly longer in the description, although it has to be kept short, I thought these two added slightly more detail to excite anyone reading the brochure, unlike with Lou’s and Lynn’s first idea. As Lynn had mixed some of Beth’s idea into a final one, I would like to see this one placed in the blurb, for reasons which I had commented on below:

In conclusion, out of everything that has been designed, overall I would like to see:

Brochure Logo: Design 3

Blurb choice: “Saint Jimmy’s is the club at the end of the road where anything goes; where every saint would reveal a past and every sinner could reveal a future. The second year Performing and Production Arts students invite you to come along and join them there for an evening of dance, song, confessions and revelations”.

Club logo: Design 13One of my regrets from this particular task was not publishing my own blurb, which I had forgotten to publish as I wanted to adapt it, then forgetting to add it on. However, the one which I have decided felt overall is better fitting to the context of the show with Saint Jimmy. I am however happy with my logo design, just deciding that there were others which I felt were more suitable and easier to place in a logo.


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