Marketing: Final Trailer (10th May)

After having a discussion with Lynn on Tuesday 2nd May in our sharing session, it was decided that the trailer that had been made previously was more of a short documentary, which in terms of getting people to visit the show, will not explain much about the show or details about it. Harry and Sian then offered in that session to make a new trailer, which they have managed to make. For me, the process of making this trailer was not communicated well, I was originally asked by Harry on the 3rd May if I could be in the trailer as a customer to film the next day, bringing in a nightclub costume (as I had not decided my costume by that point). I brought in the dress which I have now decided as of 9th May as my Shopping and F***ing costume, but was informed that afternoon that we were not needed by someone else and most of the trailer had been made. Overall, although the trailer should be quick with not too many people in it, I understand that I was perhaps not needed, but I was never told this in person. However, I can learn from this communication wise to let people know in advance if something changes to the plan, preferably letting them know in person.

Harry and Sian came up with a first trailer, which has since been deleted due to changes. There was a discussion on the Facebook page about the trailer, which I took part in:




My main concern with the trailer was the music, the two genres of music used in the trailer both clash, with ‘Sway’ being played first, then ‘Saint Jimmy’. I felt that only one of the songs should be used, which is what Beth commented before I put my views in, I preferred Saint Jimmy because although Sway describes Jack’s character, that is something that the audience may not know for the performance. In terms of the atmosphere of the club which we have created, using the song which sets up the owner of the bar in the purgatory club will let audience know what to expect. There were different views in this page as others preferred ‘Sway’, because this was the main concern, Harry then re-edited the video to create a new trailer. The music he put in was completely different to what was originally put due to copyright issues, meaning it could not be played on phones. Harry solved this problem by putting a lesser known song in the trailer. Although this wasn’t what I was hoping, I still think that the music works well and can still set up excitement to the audience. Harry mentioned that he forgot to remove the laugh at the end, which I don’t think is an issue as for me, it sets up Jimmy’s power and can be spooky for audiences.

Overall, although there are differences in opinions, my main concern before was the two different styles of music. Now that this has been done, I am happy that this problem has been solved, it explains quickly that there is going to be a nightclub, with details of when the performance is and how to book. Audiences will also not have to sit through eight minutes, which for audiences who know nothing about it, may struggle to watch it.

UPDATE: After many comments about the music, Harry decided to re-edit the trailer to have just one song played throughout, which, to me makes more sense instead of having two songs of two different genres.


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