Task 3c Marketing 2nd May: New Trailer and Changes

After Leah posted her short teaser trailer which had the logo and GIF shown to us in the marketing meeting, Leah then started to arrange a new trailer. We had a meeting last Monday when we discussed who would be needed in the trailer, which we decided was going to be Saint Jimmy (Jack), the waitresses (Emma, Beth and Sian), Harry and Tom as their posh characters and Josh as Mr Sloane. This was a good mix of characters as we did not need to have everyone, we were also very limited on time, as mentioned in my action plan, the year 1 commission show is next week, which the technicians will be working on.

The trailer ended up being more of a documentary which lasted around 8 minutes, the two trailers that Leah created are below:

I have written up a reflective journal for Tuesdays sharing session, but before Lynn talked to us about her regards concerning the trailer. She felt that it was more of a short documentary which didn’t include the details of what a trailer should include. In marketing terms, I agree that this isn’t what a trailer should be, but I would still like to market the piece with a trailer. It should be exciting for the audience, show the concept of the piece without giving too much away with details on where it is, when and how to book. Harry and Sian have both offered to create a new trailer, but it needs to be communicated with Leah as she is unaware of these comments and changes. Josh argued against the trailer not being a proper trailer as it was apparently more of an exercise to help get into character. Although this is a good idea, its not good for everyone else, including me who wasn’t involved inĀ this, I think that if this was the purpose, we all should have had some involvement, whether that’s interviews or exercises.

It was suggested that this either minute video is used for the final performance, to be displayed on the screen at the club for the audience to watch beforehand. I think that this would be a good idea as the audience can get an idea of the club and some of the characters beforehand, they will then see the rest of the characters before so not everyone would have to be involved. But I think that if this is used, then not all of it should be as it is eight minutes and will be too long.

Because of this discussion, we then agreed that we would make a new marketing trailer which would be short, yet with enough information to tell the audience all they need to know about it. Harry and Sian have offered to make this new trailer, but as Leah was the one who created it, we must communicate this to her so she is aware. Due to commitments in the year group, we have decided to make it within the next week so there is also enough time to get it out to the public. It is important that we give them some time, as they will not book something else the same time that the show is on.

The reflective journal about the new trailer can be viewed here: https://hannahkingwsc.wordpress.com/marketing-final-trailer-10th-may/


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