Friday 9th September- Presenting Monologue

Over the summer, we were tasked to start the new academic year with at least 4 monologues (2 Shakespeare and 2 Contemporary). The aim of this session was for any year two’s in the class to present one of their monologues to Lynn, Hannah and the rest of the class. By the end of the session, I would like to have presented my chosen monologue which is Emilia from ‘Othello’.

I was the first to present my monologue, the reason for presenting this is to show the work that I have done over the summer to prepare for any auditions this year and to be able to perform it, in character, in front of an audience. This initial performance was due to be recorded, however, it cut halfway through, therefore, I do not have the video of my monologue. Because of this, I had to go away and re-record it another time, seen below:

Even though I wasn’t able to record, I knew I could definitely improve. This was the first time since June that I had performed this monologue to a large audience and it showed. I felt nerves kick in before I started and because of that I messed up on the line “and pour our treasures into foreign laps”, instead I said “foreign treasures”. As well as that, there was a section I missed out: “Let husbands know their wives have sense like them”. In this recorded version, I felt more prepared and properly went through the monologue before performing it.

After this session, I learned the importance of containing nerves as they could end up being a massive problem if I don’t contain them. To improve, in future, I want to clear everything from my mind and go over the monologue before performing it to ensure I know exactly what I am saying. Despite this, I don’t want to do that for too long as I should know the monologue perfectly without looking at it before.


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