Task 3: Essay

Here is my essay on my specialist study:



One thought on “Task 3: Essay”

  1. Hannah,
    I have emailed you a Word document with my feedback / marking on it. Please will you upload that document to this page and title it ‘Essay with assessor comments’
    You have made some good points in your essay although I think you have missed a couple of opportunities e.g. to identify why you think government / regime censorship exists and in what circumstances it arises. e.g. examine more closely how the type of government can make it more or less difficult for artists to challenge the status quo This might have helped you reach more substantial conclusions about why censorship is no longer active in Britain but still is in Russia.
    All in all an appropriate piece of work which, if it was to be graded, would be reaching the low to mid Merit level. To reach higher standards we would be looking for more consistent thought and analysis from you of the information you have found so that you your conclusions would be formed with greater depth.


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