Unit 12 TASK 3C Reflective Journal: Monday 8th May (Year Meeting and Shopping and F***ing Character Thinking and Costume)

Our performance for ‘Saints and Sinners’ will be Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th May, therefore, we only have two weeks before rehearsals in the theatre and the final shows. As the show is so close, Lynn requested a meeting with four aims:

  • Unite everyone’s action plans for the rest of the project
  • Space for rehearsing the ‘frame’ story
  • Scheduling time with specific technician
  • Allocating time for tutors for direction/choreography/outside eye

The main purpose of this meeting was for everyone to unite their action plans. This is because as the show is so close and rehearsals will be occurring more frequently, we can see who will be free when and start getting the show together.

Action Plan

In terms of the action plan, the aim is to get some important dates down where can start getting the show together. The importance of continually updating the action plans were stressed in this meeting, for me, I haven’t been keeping them in the same folder, therefore, I have now put them all under the same tab ‘Task 1b’. If the action plans haven’t changed because everything from the week before has been done, then we need to say that, I have only been able to do that once when writing the second week of the Easter Holidays.

We then discussed when it would be best to have a stumble run of everything and get it on it’s feet, I thought that Friday would be the best time as everyone will have the week to get everything together. Personally I could then make sure I have all of my lines down for Shopping and F***ing since in the sharing session last week, that was the one where I still had the script for comfort. I can also keep listening to ‘Rebel’ and practice my part to ensure that it is strong. We have to be strict when it comes to this run through and if someone doesn’t turn up, them and their piece will be cut, this is because we have to be strict and set an example to others, it is also not fair to the rest of the group to be let down. Someone else suggested this first, which I then agreed to, it was then agreed that we have a first stumble run of the piece with everything including the links and pieces on Friday 12th May in the morning. We also agreed that the deadline for learning lines for pieces (not for the links) will also be for then, this should not be an issue for me as after the sharing, I am confident on Saint Joan and will go over Shopping and F***ing with Sian at some point. Although one of my personal aims this week is to get my part for Rebel sorted, it was the suggested that we all get together on Wednesday 10th May at half 11 to go through the song again and go over any problems.

These are the only important dates for this week, but as we are planning for the rest of the project, we then moved onto next week. I have out throughout all of my action plans that I will not be able to rehearse for Saints and Sinners because it is show week for Bonnie and Clyde, therefore, I will be rehearsing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This will affect me as I am not in a position where other members of my group can rehearse scripted pieces, Sian is also in Bonnie and Clyde and my Saint Joan monologue is individual. However, if I can get everything cleaned for this Friday, then next week will not be as much of an issue, but because the show is next week and by that point, we would have only put the show together by doing a first stumble run, we will have another run on Friday 19th May. As the show will be in less than a week by that point, it cannot be a stumble run, we all need to know what we are doing throughout the show and all lines for everyone needs to be learned. This rehearsal will be a dress rehearsal so I would like to have a personal deadline for getting costumes for both Ruby and Saint Joan for next Thursday.

Moving onto show week, as Bonnie and Clyde closes Saturday night, the set will be cleared on Monday morning, so no rehearsals will be held in the theatre then. However, some of the set will remain as some of the steel deck platforms will be used for Saints and Sinners. We have to be realistic about when the set will be finished and lights will be rigged for the show. Therefore, at the moment, the first technical rehearsal will be on Tuesday, and a dress rehearsal happening on Wednesday. I need to ensure that all of my costumes are on the railing and I know when I will be on stage. Jack and Tom have both mentioned that they could get someone in for photos, although we have a photographer for season shows, it will cost too much money with our little budget.

The evaluation I can then plan to write separately, I am aware that I will have to clean rooms where we got changed and sort out putting costumes back. But if I can, I will start the evaluation on Friday and come into college during half term on Thursday and aim to get it finished by the end of Friday.

There are also individual rehearsals and dates which may not effect everyone, but will effect certain members of the group, therefore, for us to be aware, these dates were added with the other group dates onto the whiteboard:


I will type this up onto the action plan table and put it under the task 1b tab.

Developing Character

It is important to remember that Saint Jimmy’s cabaret club is not natural because it is not a club in reality, instead, it is a club in purgatory at the end of the world. This got me thinking about Ruby and why she is there, originally in Shopping and F***ing rehearsals, we agreed that Ruby would enter the club from a different club where she has just been beaten up. However, this would not make sense if this is a club in purgatory. I therefore want to look more into Ruby’s character and why she is there. My initial thoughts are that Ruby died in the previous night club, going into the purgatory club where Lulu, a waitress/angel representing another friend on Earth to talk about her death. I will discuss this with Sian to get her views on this so she is aware of my ideas.


After having a rehearsal with Erica on 30th April, we also discussed possible costume ideas for Ruby. We agreed that I would look at smart/casual outfits, therefore, I looked at dresses in my wardrobe and chose to bring this dress in as I thought it would be casual, but with character shoes, something people might wear in a club:

S&F Dress

I then talked to Leah, the technician for Shopping and F***ing about the dress and she agreed that it was acceptable for my character. I needed to talk to her about this because if I didn’t then she would be looking for a costume which I wouldn’t need. I also talked to Alex about Saint Joan and we agreed that we would talk about costumes one lunch time this week.

In conclusion, we were able to complete the main aim and untie our action plans, with some group events being decided. As for arranging time with tutors or technicians, I have arranged to meet with Alex one lunch time and we agreed that it would be best to go to the tutors in their office and book a time, instead of just going in and assuming they can help now. Rehearsals for specific parts, such as Saint Jimmy will be rehearsed before Friday, with the framework being put together during Friday’s stumble run. I now need to hang my costume up on the clothing rail and put my name in it to ensure no one takes it, I also need to keep listening to Rebel to get my part down and get completely solid on Saint Joan and Shopping and F***ing.



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