Unit 12 TASK 3C Reflective Journal: Tuesday 2nd May (Sharing Script and Pieces)

On the first day back after Easter last week, we discussed having a year meeting where we would show everything that we have done so far. This includes reading an updated draft of the script so the whole group can read the structure of the piece, while then going up when it is our turn to perform. My aim for this is to be able to run through Saint Joan and Shopping and F***ing hopefully off the book, as the end had not been written last Wednesday, as well as seeing how everyone is doing, the other purpose is to read the whole scene.

The night before this session, Beth, Emma and Jack were working on finishing the script, my responsibility was to send any of them my script for Shopping and F***ing and Saint Joan, I talked with Sian who was fine with me sending it. I wanted to contact her first just in case she had already sent it, or for her to send it at a later date. Going by what we had rehearsed, I enter and we go straight into the scene, so there will be no interlude when I enter and do the scene in the next act, I let Beth know this, so this change could therefore be made.

A copy of the new script had been posted on Facebook so we all had a copy of the script for the read through. Although I know the adlib parts need to get finished, overall I am impressed with the script and the content within, this is because there is plenty of content with comedy parts which will not only entertain the audience, but will show the different characters. The set of characters I was most impressed with were the posh characters, although all of the characters are similar in terms of their status and actions towards the female characters, they still all felt individual. This is particularly with Harry’s character as Edward Rochester and the scripted scene with Jane, his relationship with her and Beth and his treatment of the two women. The first act is nine pages, with the second act being eighteen, for me this was slightly concerning as I feel that for shows, the first act would usually be longer and it is double the length, this may change with all the pieces as most of the pieces not performed were in the first act. When we have another read through and get the piece on it’s feet, we can get a much more accurate time frame of the piece.


Overall, although there are some pieces which couldn’t be performed without anyone being there, it was great to see that we still had a show out in place and has given greater confidence. In terms of my performance for Saint Joan, the only comment I got from the run through was the mispronounciation of the word ‘Bogota’. In order to learn from this and remember for future run throughs, I will think of ‘bogo’ as ‘logo’ and add ‘tar’ at the end. My feedback after it is to be more passionate through the speech, I have to remember that she is in prison and to her, is being kept from her duty from God, angry that she is being kept away from her freedom. I can now go away from this and work on adding this passion to make it more believable. I am happy that I was able to project the speech without having to look at  the words, as I had not been up to date on my actions plans to learn the words before.

As for Shopping and F***ing, there was one moment where I was not completely sure on the words, so I looked at them for comfort. Looking back on it now, I wish I didn’t have the script with me as I knew the words, but looked at that section for comfort, this is what I will work on and remember the next time I have a rehearsal. The tutors feedback was more aimed at Sian to react more as I am explaining what has happened in the previous club. My own feedback on it is that we can go much further, I will work on developing Ruby and enhancing her personality which we worked on with Erica. In order to get more into her character, I will research by looking at fictional characters who have been written to have an airhead personality.

The full read through has been posted below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

In conclusion, after the read through I know now what I need to look at in order to improve my pieces even more. We haven’t yet had a rehearsal for Rebel, which we know we need to sort out in the next couple of weeks, so far I have started learning the lyrics but I have not fully learned them. The script overall is coming along well with the structure, characters and pieces all working together well. My only concern is the length of the script, with act 2 being much longer.


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