Unit 12 TASK 3C Reflective Journal: Wednesday 26th April (Read Through of First Script)

Over the past few weeks, Jack, Emma, Beth, Sian and Sophia have been working to write a script for the Saints and Sinners show. Although the pieces have been decided with castings, we still need a written structure to ensure that the piece flows and doesn’t go just from one piece to another. A first draft has been completed so the purpose of this session was to read through what has been written so far, although I am not a character in this script, there were members missing, so I read in for Beth. The aim for me is to get a better understanding of the characters, particularly Saint Jimmy and the waitresses, who represent the bar.

Despite not being needed for this read through, I read in for Beth who was one of the waitresses. This would be the first time that this script has been read to Lynn, therefore she was also present in the session. I know of the rough structure, which had been posted in journals, but as I was reading this, it was clear to me which performances were cabaret acts and which were people in the club. It will also be even more clear once we can rehearse on the stage, which will have a separate part for cabaret acts, which is again on the diagram drawn by Leah, which Alex posted on Bank holiday Monday.

The beginning is an introduction by the waitresses, which is the health and safety notice, it includes everything needed which is what Lucy had agreed to do during our set meeting last Thursday. We didn’t run through any of the pieces as the aim was to read the script and not everyone was in the session. There were some comedic pieces in the scene which will add to the light-hearted atmosphere of the club, as we want the audience to have the positive mood of a club. Meanwhile I can see the different characters coming through each of the waitresses, for example, Lulu as someone who is a flirty character and Rose who is married.

There are still some parts which I am confused about, such as how the melodrama will work into the piece, I am aware that it is James, Leah and Daytona mocking Lou, Harry and Beth’s characters. But I want to see where and how it fits, I always thought that the three characters would watch the melodrama, but I do not believe that this will happen, as I have mentioned below with Tuesday, this should all become clear.

Going by what I had read, it all links together and makes sense, I am aware that the ending was not completed, so once this has been written, we can all have session together where we go over everything. Lynn had talked about having a session like this next Tuesday, so we can read the whole script and then see the pieces in between to see where they are at. I therefore have to look more into both of my pieces and the lines to ensure I can play out the characters fully. I have arranged a rehearsal with Sian for tomorrow during my lesson with Erica, so we can have direction from Erica as well as Josh, as we are both unsure how to play our characters, we are hoping she would be able to provide some advice for us to work on.

Overall, I feel much more positive knowing that there is a written structure to the show and although there is still more to be written, the characters are starting to come along, while for my acts, they have been fitted in where I was told. I need to keep looking at this script and further adaptations so I can see when I will be on stage and when it is my turn, I can also then see if there are any changes.


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